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The GFsix Show!



See what others are saying about The GFsix Show.

Wesdog you are insane man, props to you on the show, i listen all the time. The creepy neighbor skit kills me everytime! LOVE THE SHOW!

mike jones

Big Fan

Guys, the show's fanduel league is way to much fun, love playing in it.. Only thing is... Can we make it 500 spots, the 250 sells out way to fast and sometimes i dont get in on time. Still the best league ever!

Jason Taylor

Show Fan

The Gfsix Show should be on regular radio, i would love to turn it on in my car on my way to work, So FUNNY!!!


#1 fan of the show

OMG! OMG! OMG! The gfsix show is now a must listen, love the stories wesdog and the sexyman rules...Very funny show, love it!

Sue Casta


Dudes i spit up all my coffee on my cpu on that prank call..Wow, that shit was funny!

Frank Barber


What A Great Place To Advertise, I advertise with the show and generate some great sales and leads. If you have a business that needs some sales, Let this show get your ad out. They will even create the full radio ready ad for you! LOVE THE SHOW BTW!


Owner Of Game Box

Dude, I love the fanduel league, It's so awesome. Can't wait to get in this year! AWESOME!!!!!!!

Jason Miller


The gfsix show is AWESOME! Love it, so glad to be a show's V.I.P.

Kim Miller

#1 Fan

Love The Site Guys! So Much To Do. The Radio Show Is Out Of This World Funny! Great Job!

Jack Miller


The Dirty Hoodie is SICK... Love it to death! Love the site..AWESOME!

Mike Verbel


Hey congrats on winning our website design award. You deserve it guys! Great site..


EC Corp.

Can't wait till you guys do the live GFsix party again, the last one was a good time. You guys are always welcome back. I want some advertising space..Call me.

Johnny Collins

BW-3 Owner

I must say, the gfsix radio show is just plain funny, wesdog is a classic dude and makes my day go bye just a bit faster. LOVEN THE SHOW!

debbie cole


Guys I Love The Show..The Psycho Girlfriend Skit Is Awesome! Great Work!




Sue Johnson

Show Fan

Your Madden 25 League was the best league I ever played in! WOW!!!

Ray More

Madden Gamer

What up Wesdog, much love my brother. The site is insane but the RADIO SHOW IS OFF THE HOOK man...AWESOME!!!



Thanks for the time and effort you guys out into the league this year as well as last year. It s amazingly cool with the website awards, etc. Cant wait till next season

Bob Booth

Madden 2013

Another awesome year in the gfsix madden league. It was way to much fun, the radio show was a perfect fit to it all. Can't wait till next year already. lol

Ryan Stormes

Madden 13

WOW, Loved playing in the league and wanted to say thank you for making the league GREAT!


Madden League Player

You guys have one of the best Madden Leagues I have ever seen. Can't wait to be in the next one. Love the site!


Madden Gamer

This Years Madden 13 League Will Take Your League Gaming To The Next Level Promise.


GFsix Founder

Anonymous / Keep up this good work, you have a nice blog over here with much good information! When you post some new stuff, I'll visit your blog again and I'll fololw it.



You have presented us some remblkaare tricks on your web site. I a a bit of an amateur when it comes to poker games so I do want all the assistance I can find. You have handed me some great tips that I can begin working with straightway so I can keep my cash safe and not suffer too much.



Guys, the Madden 13 league will knock your socks off this year!


Owner Of GFsix

Dude the gfsix show sounds great, I want to be a part of it!



The Gfsix rewards program is awesome, I just won $25.00!

John Banter

Xbox Gamer

Can you say holly shit... The Gfsix Clan is UN-REAL Man. I would pay a $100 bucks to join this clan.

Phil Timko


WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! It's all about the CLAN baby! WOW!! When you opening it? I'm In, I'm

Robert Johns


You hit the jackpot boys...The GFsix Clan IS COMPLETELY INSANE!



Dude how did you get those movie trailers? The movies didnt even come out yet... Nice Info, great site idea.



The podcast show is way to cool. WOW! The site is SICKKKKKK! Love it guys!

Alex Bishop


Dam Wesdog You been busy my man. Awesome site dude!

Brett Talvecks

Xbox Magazine

Man you out done yourself bro. This should be fun. Your madden leagues rule! madden-12 video is sweet makes me want to pay now.

Tony Mandisa


Thanks for the preview did you serve in the military? You Sure Got Some Cool things Going On. I'm 40 and I can't wait to join up. Missions are my life LOL. By the way very nice site guys. WOW!

Mike Paterson

A Real Army Vet

Nice Site. Very interesting and fresh, so tiered of gamersites that all do the same thing. You guys have some wild ideas. Just don't forget us female gamers.

Sally Rendes

Female Gamers

WOW! Love the new website guys, very excited for you. Good luck! Thank you for the preview of gfsix.

Jay Jay

Gamer Magazine

What a great exciting website! Best of luck on the launch guys. See you in May.

John Nagy

Gamer Magazine

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