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Week #6 Steelers @ Bengals 28-21 WIN!

The Steelers came into this game winning the last 6 and it looked great for them to get number 7, until the bengals finale drive that ending up with them on top and going crazy.

Ben then did when Ben does and with 1:08 left on the clock, Ben drove them down field for a winning TD to AB. Conner ran hard and is starting to make a statement that he can be our rb. AB was silent until the 4th qt, JUJU had an amazing Catch and was under death threats all game. The defense was solid, but did have problems at CB. All in All, the Steelers did what they had to do. Huge Win

Record 3-2-1

Week #5 Falcons @ Steelers 41 - 17 WIN!

We finally got to see our team play a great game, the offense was clicking as J. Conner had his best day. Play calling looked great as we seen some runs, screens and AB and Ben on the same page.

The defense was in a lot of press coverage and shut down a great falcons offense, they finally blitz using M. Hilton and had solid coverage with T.J Watt having 3 sacks. The pressure all day was awesomeness. Could this be the Steelers we thought we were getting.

Record 2-2-1
Week #4 Ravens @ Steelers 26 - 14 Loss!

Well, this was just another bad game by the Steelers, the Ravens jumped out to a 14-0 lead. The Steelers got it all tied up at the half at 14-14.

The defense kept the Steelers in the game, but where did the offense go? In the 2nd half, the Ravens dominated the game. The Steelers offense could not even get passed midfield, the stats were dominated by the Ravens as was this game. 

Record 1-2-1
Week #3 Steelers @ Bucs 30-27 WIN!

Finally the Steelers show some life as the offense starts to roll. The defense causes major turnovers and has a pick 6 to make it 30-10 at the half. All looked great until the 2nd half and the Steeler defense again was in trouble as the Bucs tighten it up at 30-20 heading into the 4th.

As the Steeler offense is forced to punt, the Bucs return it 85 yards for a TD, only to have it called back with a flag. The Bucs would get a drive going and make it 30-27 late in the 4th. The Steeler would run out the clock on 3 monster runs by Conner.

Record: 1-1-1
Week #2 Chiefs @ Steelers 42-37 Loss!

The Steelers defense was shredded by kid QB Moholms for 6 TDS! K.C jumps out to a fast early lead 21-0 but the Steelers fight back scoring 21 in the 2nd. The cheifs take the 2nd half kickoff 80 yards and never looked back.
The Steelers make it close with 14 in the 4th and a chance to make a stop on K.C last possession but failed on 1st down. 12 flags and a defense that seemed out of place all game.

Record: 0-1-1
Week #1 Steelers @ Browns 21-21 Tie!

The Steelers had turnover after turnover, but still took a 21-7 lead into the 4th. A Conner fumble deep in the steelers end resulted in a quick TD for the browns, making it 21-14.

Then the next Steeler possession, Ben miss fires a pass and has it picked off deep in the steelers end resulting in yet another fast TD making it 21-21.  With 1:32 left in regulation, the Steelers send out Boswell for a 45 yarder to end it, it goes wide left, the browns get a shot at the win with a 40 yrd fg that is blocked by T.J. Watt. Sending us into overtime.  The game ends in a tie at 21-21.  

Record: 0-0-1

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