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The Steelers 2020 Draft was great!

We talked all about this draft on the latest GFsix show, we hit up each player and graded the Steelers Draft.

With the pandemic, we all just hope to see some Steelers football and some Pens hockey soon.

The WR Chase Claypool can be a starter from day one, this kid can fly and has that big size and speed that Ben loves.

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2020 "HERE WE GO"

We have to stand together, it's time to flip the switch and play some Pens hockey.

We need that #2 seed to be a cup team, we have the team, the players and the goalies all we need is for someone to play DEFENSE!

Crosby line is solid, Malkin line is solid, even the 3rd line is solid.  The only thing this team can't do every game is play solid defense, they show us glimps that they can do it, but when ever we need it, it's not there.

It's time for Sid to take over games, he has to get the entire team in line, We need to posses the puck and shoot the lights out.

We need that #2 in our division if not that top seed. 5 points from top spot and 2 points from #2 seed with 15 games left. We need a streak NOW!
What the hell is going on with the Pens?

with 6 straight losses, things are looking bad, we have the talent and the team to win the cup and for this crew to look this bad is unreal!

They no longer play defense and the red hot goal tending is gone, Sid has to put this team on his back and get us at least 12 wins in the finale 19 games. We are sitting 4 points behind the Caps and now 2 points behind the Flyers who play outstanding defense.  The Pens power play is now HORRID! It's time for M. Sullivan to blow up his lines and create some scoring before its to late.  LETS GET IT RIGHT TODAY!!!

Hit up the GFsix Show as we talk all about it, see why we think this team is the best team we ever had in Pittsburgh.

Speed, defense, 2- red hot goalies tip top power play and the best player in the game SiiiiiiiD the KID!  
Coach Sully might be the best coach in Pittsburgh.. He is magical with his lines. JR trade for Zucker was outstanding! What's not to like?  LETS GOOOOOOOOOO PENS!
What can you say about the BEST SAFETY IN NFL HISTORY!

Troy is not only a great player, but off the field he was a class guy, never any problems, everyone loved him.

I remember his first year were even I was questioning the draft pick, his first year was so bad that Cowher moved him to deep safety to try and help him play better.

Then his second year and this guy was a perfect pick, made plays that no one could make, the hair was wild and he was WRECKLESS.  He Played with all heart and it was an HONOR to watch a player like him go right on in the HALL OF FAME!  *** See you all at the party in Canton!
FINALLY, the hall voters realized what we all did, that Mr. Donnie Shell was a hall of fame player.

He waited long enough, now to get L.C Greenwood in the hall next.

Donnie Shell was part of the greatest defense to ever play in the NFL and was well over due for his CANTON HOME!
Congrats to coach Bill Cowher!

Just an amazing guy, with the passion that was felt for in his coaching.

Great all around person and well respected through out the NFL. 

You deserve it coach, well done sir.
Steelers @ Ratbirds Loss 28-10!

And just like that another season is over, Steelers drop 3 straight as the Duck looks even worse. The defense was not all in and allowed a Ravens back up team to man handle them all game long.

With our offense doing nothing yet again and the Duck looking like he never played football in his life, this season of 2019 is done. To go 8-8 with this offense was amazing and Coach T should get a damn raise. This offense was the worse I'v seen in 25 years.

Game Balls:  T.J. Watt, C. Heyward, B. Snell

Shit Lickers: Coach Fictner, Coach Harbaugh for being a bitch, The Duck, the Refs

Record ends at 8-8 no playoffs. Season OVER!
Steelers @ Jets Loss 16-10!

Just like that we now find our self in a must win and now NEED HELP to get in the playoffs, same story as last year.

The offense play calling is horrid and the QB play is in the tank, the run game is a mess, that somes up the 2019 Steelers.

The only bright spot was this defense who I thought played well, but that opening drive for the TD was the ball game, they were top notch the rest of the game, but when you have this kind of offense we can't give up no TDS. A win and a titan loss sunday puts us in the playoffs. 

Game Balls: T.J. WATT def m.v.p. C. Heyward, Decastro, D. Johnson

Dick Lickers: Berry, The Refs, The O. Line, Conner, Juju, Bush, Duck, V. Mac, 
RANDY FICTNER his play calling is PATHETIC!

Record 8-7. Win and a Titan loss, we can get the #6 seed.
Week #15 Bill's @ Steelers LOSS 17-10!

It was just a bad game, play calling was HORRID and the Duck turned the ball over 4 times. There were no crossing routes, no screens and no drag routes all game long.

The defense was out standing holding the Bill's offense to just 17 points and making play after play only to see our offense give it all back. This loss hurts our playoff picture, but WE AINT DONE YET. We just need to focus on the JETS and get a MUST NEEDED WIN.  

Game Balls: T.J, C. Heyward, Coach Butler


Record is 8-6 Next game vs the JETS! L. Bell its time to pay bitch...
Week #14 Steelers @ Cards WIN 23-17!

It was an away game that looked like a home game, it was a game that the Steelers needed to win and they did. The Duck came out fast and made no mistakes, his legs kept drives alive.

The defense is for real, this crew can beat any offense, they can rush the QB, sack and pick off the QB, they can cover and they are FAST AS HELL. At 8-5 Coach T is coaching his ass off, he is looking for that C.O.T.Y trophy. This team is now a THREAT IN THE NFL.

Game balls: D. Johnson, T.J Watt, The DUCK, The O. Line, Coach T, Coach Butler, The entire defense, G. White, 

Shit Lickers: The Fake Punt Play.

Week #13 Browns @ Steelers WIN 20-13!

This game started off looking like trouble as the Steelers were down 10-0 after 1, then with a few good passes from the Duck we get it all tied up at the half at 10-10.

Then it was all pitsburgh in the 2nd half as the defense dominated the high powered Browns offense to get the win 20-13.
It was a revenge game as the Browns coach puts on a Pittsburgh started it t shirt, so we all know that PITTSBURGH FINISHED IT!

Game balls: Tomlin, Butler, Snell, DUCK, Washington, T.J, Dupree, The entire O. Line, Heyward, HELL LETS GIVE EVERYONE A GAME BALL!


Record 7-5 Next up The Cards!
Week #12 Steelers @ Bengals WIN 16-10!

It was a tail of 2 halfs, the first half with Mason in at QB wasn't looking good, The offense was pure junk. The defense was on point all game.

Finally st the start of the 2nd half in comes the DUCK at QB, with 2 passes we had a TD and took the lead, the defense never gave it back. The run game had flashes with Snell doing some solid running. But, it was all defense as T.J watt and C. Heyward were un stopped all game. Washington had one of the best stiff arms I have ever seen.

Game Balls:  Coach T, Coach Butler, C. Heyward, T.J, Barron, Hilton, The O.LINE, Washington, The SPECIAL TEAMS, Fitzpatrick


Week #11 Steelers @ Browns Loss 21-7!

This was an ugly game, both by the Steelers as well as the dirty plays. The Steelers just didn't show up and had some chances, but the browns defense was just rushing Mason all night.  It's easy to rush the QB when you have no run game or don't fear the pass at all.

The Miles stuff was beyond pathetic, it's just what the Browns do, they want to be the bullies of the NFL and have to play filthy to get noticed. It's all good, but this leaves it FAIR GAME when Baker faces this same team in the BURGH.  All in all it was the worst game the Steelers played all year and if they have any idea's of making the playoffs, it will all need to start with the BENGALS and win out.

Game Balls: T.J. WATT, 


Record 5-5 On to the Bengals!
Week #10 Rams @ Steelers WIN 17-12!

Once again this defense shines, they are now becoming a defense that can take over and win games.

The offense has still not come together and it's like watching the Steelers offense of the 90s play. No run game and a safe passing game. It's working because of this amazing defense! It sure looks like the Fitzpatrick trade that had a lot of you crying over is looking like the steal of the decade! T.J. Watt is playing like a crazy person rushing the QB, this entire defense is playing insane! UNLEASH THIS DEFENSE! K. Butler has got the players he needed to make his defense ROLL! Tomlin is coaching his BALLS OFF! 

Game balls:  Fitzpatrick, T.J Watt, C. Heyward, Dupree, D. Johnson, The entire defense, Coach Butler, Tomlin... STEELERNATION THAT NEVER QUIT!

Record 5-4 Next Up The CLOWNIES!
Week #9 Colts @ Steelers WIN 26-24!

Once again the defense was strong, T.J Watt was on fire along with Fitzpatrick, Heyward and Dupree. 

The offense was just plain and got the job done, the run game was bad, the passing game was safe, OC has to mix it up, this offense play calling is high school.  
The defense can win games for us, it will also keep us in any game, but we will need much more from the offense if we want to make the playoffs. A win is a win, and that is what you play for. I'll take it of course!

Game Balls:  T.J. Watt, B. Dupree, T. Edmunds. *M. Fitzpatrick, C. Hayward, Samuels, M. Tomlin, K. Butler

Shit Licker: ALL THE REFS, O.C Fictner

Record 4-4 We are back in this thing!
Week #8 Dolphins @ Steeers WIN 27-14!

It was looking bad in the 1st qt, but then the Steelers ran off 27 straight points to close it out.  Mason looked avg, he was missing wide open wrs all game, but he made some plays and took control.

The O. Line was solid as JC#30 got 145 yards on 23 carries, Juju showed up with a 100 yards and a TD and the rookie D. Johnson had a solid game.

The Defense is outstanding, T.J. Watt is electric and the pass rush was great all night, Fitzpatrick had 2 picks and this defense can now win games.

Game Balls:  T.J. Watt, J, Conner, JUJU, D. Johnson, C. Heyward, The Entire O. Line, M. Tomlin, K. Butler, 

Record 3-4 BACK ON TRACK!
Week #6 Steelers @ Chargers WIN 24-17!

What we all thought was an away game turned out to be a home game for us, the steelernation was on full display.

With a must win and a 3rd string QB the cards were stacked against us, but with a dominant defense and a solid run game we met the challenge. It was 24-0 at the half and we never looked back. The Duck played a good game and Conner and Snell provided the 1-2 punch. The story of the game was the steelers defense, they created pressure and made big plays all night long. It was a great win and keeps us in the hunt.

Game balls: D. BUSH, T.J Watt, S. Tuit, J. Conner, B. Snell, C. Sutton, M. Fitz, D. Hodges, The Entire O. LINE, Coach Tomlin, K. Butler and R. Fictner.


Record: 2-4 regroup in the bye week and come out strong.
Week #5 Ravens @ Steelers LOSS 26-23!

This one really hurts the most, the defense played another solid game, the offense played well enough to win it. After the loss of Mason, we had to turn to Hodges and he came in with some spark.

A fake flag for roughing the passer on the steelers with 2 min left up by 3 was the call that changed the game, it was 2nd and 8 at the ravens 29 the fake flag gave them a first down and they moved into fg range and got the tie, sending it into overtime.

With overtime, Tomlin made a bold move and elected to defend, it turned out to be a great call as the steelers defense forced a punt to our 35. Hodges had us driving for the win until he hit juju with a 16 yarder that was punched out and recovered by the ravens who then moved into fg range and got the win.  TOUGH LOSS HERE!

Game balls:  T.J Watt, S. Tuit, C. Heyward, M. Hilton, S. Nelson, D. Bush, D. Hodges.

SHIT LICKER AWARDS:  THE DAMN REFS, worse game i seen refereed in 20 years!

Record 1-4     "IT'S NOT OVER YET" WE DON'T QUIT!
Week #4 Bengals @ Steelers 27-3 WIN!

This was one hell of a great night as the Steelers dominate and The new Hall Of Honer Class was selected.

Congrats to

This game had a Steeler offense that was fresh and new, using the wildcat and some jet sweeps. It was an offense that was playing safe and playing to win, coaching was almost perfect as Coach Tomlin had his crew fired up & READY.

It was a night that our defense took full command and sacked Dalton 8 times, got a pick and guys were playing out of their minds all night long. I was proud to be a Steeler fan tonight!

Finally we have GAME BALLS: 
The O.LINE, T.J WATT, B. Dupree, D. Bush, C. HEYWARD, S. Tuit, J. Hargrave, J. CONNER, M. Roudolph, J. Samuels, M. Barron, COACH TOMLIN, COACH BUTLER, COACH FICTNER.  

M.I.A Players: NONE!

Record: 1-3 RATBIRDS UP NEXT!  Hide the women and children for this one. CANT WAIT!
Week #3 Steelers @ 49ers 24-20 LOSS!

This is starting to be confusing, we have a QB in Mason that loves to be under center and use drag routes and play action passing, yet we have him in a shotgun 90% of the time.

Play calling was a mess, time of possession was 38 to 22. pathetic. The defense played great they even got us 5 turn overs that we did nothing with. We get 6 points off 5 turnovers, they get 14 points off 2 turnovers. It's the same story line for all 3 games. The scary part is what we all thought was our strength in our O.Line looks like just a bellow avg O.LINE.

Game Balls: Fitzpatrick, Tuit, T.J, JUJU.
M.I.A Players: Heyward, Dupree FICHNER.

Today, The Steelers trade with The Dolphins to grab MINKAH FITZPATRICK a solid safety that has great speed and great hands.

With this move we can expect that the steelers are not giving up on this season and are moving forward with Mason at QB.

This move brings some much needed good news to the franchise that has Lost BIG BEN for the year!   *GREAT MOVE!
Week #2 Seahawks @ Steelers 28-26 LOSS!

Looks like all the fire Tomlin chants will continue as the Steelers played harder but still got the loss.

The game was there for the taking, but the defense was gassed in the 4th and could not stop Wilson from running. The offense in the 1st half was horrid going 4-3 and outs, putting our defense on the field way to much. The game also took Ben out with a right elbow problem, is this the end for BIG BEN? I sure hope not, Mason replaced him and did a solid job and if this kid is the future, we should be ok.

The defense scheme has to be changed as the player we have on the field can't figure out what the plan is, we have a secondary that is lost and confused. Our offense needs to get back to BASICS no more spread 5 shotgun, we need to go back to power football and use the run game and use screens and slants in our passing attack.

Game Balls:  TUIT, T.J, MASON.

Record: 0-2
WEEK #1 Steelers @ Patriots 33-3 LOSS!

Well its opening day and the Steelers look like we have never played football before.

Again, the Patriots DOMINATE US ON BOTH SIDES OF THE BALL with a 33-3 beat down.

Not sure what are game plan was, but it looked like we had no play books, our offense was pathetic and our defense was back to playing that soft nickle. Brady did what ever he wanted and that defense crushed are asses all night!  Out coached, Out played and we had M.I.A players every where. Heyward, Tuit, Hargrave, Dupree, Williams, All M.I.A.   The O.Line was pushed all over, the run game was M.I.A, The WRS core was punched in the face.  

The only thing to take a way from that mess was ANGER, the blame goes to the ENTIRE TEAM!

Game balls:  NONE!

We just need to breathe and not get to upset, we now have to play our asses off just to get back to New England in January.

Record 0-1


The rosters are all set, the coaching is all set, nothing left but the start of the damn season.

First up its a Sunday night match up with the Patriot. As they raise their 7th SB BANNER. We start the season dominating their asses! 
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Things I took away from steelers camp 2019. At Heinz Field. The secondary still looks avg, but is a lot faster, the lb core is super fast and is outstanding with tackling, Bush looks like a speed demon, Barrow can tackle anything. the def line is outstanding, Heyword is possessed, Tuit and Mculures are filling run lanes, Buggs could be great, Edmund's looked to be solid until Vance a.k.a vanimal stiff armed him into next week.

The O. Line is the best I seen in 20+ years, Ben is Ben moving younger guys in position, involved in play calling and drilling passes. The Rb core is outstanding, Conner looks like a pure stud and Snell is a speed / power back, Samuels is a pass catching machine, wr core looks great, Juju is a complete superstar, Switz is looking like a chain mover, Washington can fly, Johnson can catch anything, Vance is a monster killer at T. End.

I'm liking Hodges at backup qb, over Mason and Dobbs, Aydani is a pure pass rusher a.k.a baby Harrison, Hayden, Edmunds and Hilton were looking solid, Nelson is a great cover guy.

The camp is all business like, players are looking like they are out to prove something.

I was totally impressed with the O.line and the depth, o.line is where you win games and this o.line could be the best in the NFL.

It's almost that time again, STEELER FOOTBALL IS ALMOST BACK!

Check out the Steeler's T.V schedule, lot's of killer prime time ones this year!

Don't forget to hit up the GFsix Show and get all the latest STEELERS NEWS along with predictions for the season ..

The 2019 NFL round table will be  airing in late August, you don't want to miss that show.

The 2019 Steeler Schedule is finally out, with all the browns talk you would think the Steelers don't have a chance.

Just to remind all you fake browns fans, the Steelers will be just fine, we were once PAPER CHAMPS TOO..

Take a peek at the 5 prome time games and circle that Thursday Nighter with them CLOWNS.

Opening day VS the Patriot's, thats great because we will get some great anger at the start when they raise there 6th SB banner in our faces.

The Rams, of course the 2 Raven games the Seahawks and you know I circled that JETS GAME.  L. Bell will prolly be injured by week 12 anyways.

I can get 11 wins outta this schedule.  It's a tough start but then its back ended with division games that will get us the division and a 1st round bye.  LOVE IT!
And just like that the Pens get swept in the first round.  What did we all just watch in this series?

How can Crosby get 1 point in 4 games, 2 of them at home?  Where was Malkin, Guntzel at?

What ever happened to Latang?  All this was a weird season, it was up and down all year long, and the same things we seen all year re- shaped in this series.  Yes, it was a solid season, but to go out in a sweep was un seen by many of us.  Thanks Pens for a solid season but I can't say I'm not sitting here thinking what just happened?
We got the draft coming up next, we grabbed a nice WR, a solid CB and a stud ILB in FA, then resigned WR Rogers.

The draft is the key, do we package a few picks and try to move up to get Devin White? Do we stay put and grab Greedy Williams and just fill needs?  Lots of things we can do.

Its a ton of picks for sure. Rookie contracts are low and we could get kids that want to play hard to earn that next contract.

With the AB and Bell shit behind us, we now can be a Steeler football team again.

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With the Steelers in the off season, you know where I'll be.... The Pens are currently in 9th place and out of the playoff race, but don't be fooled, this team is a mer 3 games outta first place in the division.

With 19 games left to play, we need to make a run and this KID our Captain has to take over games down the stretch. 

We need to play solid defense and stop letting team shoot all over Murray in the net, protect the puck and start using our speed.

I'm excited to see how coach Sully will use the lines to get us a 6th STANLEY CUP!

Just a note to all you Steelers fans that want to place blame on Tomlin, Ben, Colbert or even The Rooney's for the AB and L. Bell problem.

First off AB is under contract for 3 more years, WE NEVER WANTED TO TRADE HIM, HE wants to be traded, HE wants more money, HE wants a new contract, this has nothing on earth to do with Tomlin, Ben or Kevin Colbert.

At this point, I would of traded him to Buffalo for an order of HOT WINGS! lol

Next off, he demanded a trade, we traded him to the Bills, then he said he would not report to them, so the Bills left the trade. He thinks he can pick and choose where we trade him, this dude is more nuts then we all thought.

He claims he will not play with a team that is not in contention, this guy has now created a fan hatred, once this happens there is no turning back.

So lets take a look at this one, If AB can't get traded because he will not sign with his new team, we keep him on the Steelers and if he don't show up, we will place his goofy butt on the NFI list, this is the NON-FOOTBALL INJURY LIST, meaning he sits out or retires the Steelers will not have to pay a penny to him and would also clear his salary from the CAP! WIN WIN!

AB has nothing to do with anything Pittsburgh, we own his contract rights and all the crying in the world will not change this. No we will not just cut AB, why would we, we will trade him or keep him for 3 long years while he pouts on the NFI list. lol

The L. Bell story is a little different, this cat just wants to be paid way over board, the Steelers offered to make him the highest paid back in NFL history and he laughed at the offer, he also sat out the year and left 14.8 million on the table.

Lots of espn talking heads will have you thinking its the Steelers or Ben or Tomlin that is to blame, IT'S NOT ANY OF THAT! These 2 cats are in their own worlds, L. Bell will prolly get about 8 million per year (WAY LESS THEN THE STEELERS OFFERED HIM) and AB will prolly have to take a trade to the Raiders or the JETS and have a 1 year deal then its there problem to re-sign him.

As far as the Steelers Team, it's just that... A TEAM, we been here before and will prolly be here again, it don't matter, we will always be the STEELERS and NO PLAYER IS BIGGER THEN THE FRANCHISE

Go ahead and Let the NFL fall a sleep on us and let their fans act like we are falling apart all the while we are just fine, The O. Line is the best in the NFL, we have a H.O.F QB, a superstar WR in JUJU, a killer T. End in Vance, we have a top 5 Defensive line, we will need to draft 2- cover CBS and a speed ILB like Devin White and this defense is top 3.

True Steelers Fans understand how the cap works and how this teams operates and will never turn there heads or worry about over paying in Free agency. We will continue the way we have been doing it for 100 years. DEVELOP PLAYERS and remove cry babies.

I been a true steeler fan for over 50 years and trust me I seen everything... The AB stuff is mind blowing tho.. lol

I Ride with TOMLIN, BEN, COLBERT, and the entire Steeler FRANCHISE FOR LIFE!


The time has come to say good bye to AB and L. Bell. We can't keep letting greedy players disrupt our team, we been here before and will prolly be here again.  NO ONE PLAYER is bigger then the FRANCHISE.

The AB saga will just not go away, with all the ESPN talking heads taking sides and a lot of Steeler Nation getting divided, look we all loved AB we made him the highest paid WR in NFL HISTORY, his game was electric, but his mind is off track.

Say what you will about Ben and Tomlin, but know one thing, THEY DIDN'T QUIT ON US. AB walked out on us and his family. He can't stand it when another player steals his spotlight. JUJU is all in and we are all on team JUJU. 

We can't allow diva's to keep us down, its time to move on. We are still a strong team with Conner, Samuelson at RB'S along with our H.O.F QB and the best O. Line in the nfl. We have 2 draft 2- cover CB'S, a speed ILB and grab a few other needs as backups. The WR position will be solid with JUJU, Switz, Washington as the deep threat and we just need to target the hell outta Vance at T.END.

The L. Bell crap is just what it is, the offer we made to him was fair and would of made him the Highest paid RB in nfl history. He chose to leave it on the table, not sure if his greed will end up destroying him or not. But he seems to forget our O. Line is the best in the NFL, if you go to the JETS good luck rushing for 800 yards.

I have been a Steeler fan since 1969 and have seen everything, but I have never seen a superstar under contract at 19 million per year cry as much as AB does, Yes, you was the best WR i ever seen play in Pittsburgh, but it don't mean a thing if you act like a 10 year old.

With these 2 guys gone and some great draft picks we can all become a team again, we are not the Cowboys, WE ARE THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS!  We ride with the FRANCHISE not the players.
Week #17 Bengals @ Steelers Win 16-13!

We all knew what was at stake, a Steelers win and a Browns win over the Ravens would get us in the post season. The first part was complete as the Steelers started off slow but ended up beating the sloppy Bengals.

Then all eyes were on the Browns vs Ravens game and it was insane to find ourself rooting for the Browns, but it all came down to a 4th and 10 and Bakers pass was picked off Game Over! SEASON OVER!  

Finale record 9-6-1 SEASON ENDS TODAY!
Week #16 Steelers @ Saints Loss 31-28!

The Steelers showed crazy heart and if not for 2 of the nfl's worst calls on saints 4th downs, we would of closed the game out. Ben was on fire in the spread 5 offense and AB did what AB does, Leading 28-24 the Steelers turned to the run game with Ridley and it was his tun over that hurt the Steelers.

Late in the 4th, Ben drove the Steelers into FG range only to see JUJU fumble the game away. It was a game that the Steeler were once again ROBBED by horrid calls and turnovers. Now the Steeler will need the Browns to bet the Ravens to get into the playoffs.

Record 8-6-1 
*Going to need a Steelers win and a ravens lost on Sunday to make the post season!
Week #15 Patriots  @ Steelers WIN 17-10!

It's finally over, the Steelers beat the Patriots, it was a solid game by the Steeler defense as they had to hold on with under 2 min to play and Brady looking to tie it up.

The run game got a huge boost when rookie J. Samuel got 142 on 19 carries, Ben who was a gamer did struggle a bit, but came through in the win. The O. Line was OUTSTANDING ALL DAY and the defense finally shined in their dime man press package. This game wasn't as close as the score indicates, the Steelers left points on the field. But all in all this was a game the steeler needed to stay in first place in the AFC North. 

Record 8-5-1 The DRAGON IS FINALLY KILLED! But, we could see them again soon!
Week #14 Steelers @ Raiders LOSS 24-21!

Another game another loss, the defense was pure garbage, they can't make any plays or stops. The offense was just horrid when Ben went out for injury. He did come back late in the 4th and drive us for the lead, but then that UGLY defense showed up and let the ROTTEN 2-10 Raiders drive for a TD. Ben had 21 seconds left and hit Washington who then flipped it to JUJU to get it to the 26 with 3 seconds left, then Boswell attempted a fg to tie it and of course fell on his ass and missed it. This team now needs to look at itself and MAN UP!

Record 7-5-1 3 losses in a row. IT'S NOW OR NEVER!
Week #13 Chargers @ Steelers LOSS 33-30!

What looked like a Steelers blow out turns in to a huge loss. The Steelers were costing and took a 23-7 halftime lead.

The 2nd half was all chargers and with so many BLOWN calls by the refs, the Steelers couldn't get it done. It's a game that the defense turned into that ugly crew. The offense had a chance to end it, but again put the defense on the field and at the end was a bad loss at home.

Record 7-4-1.  Time to man up Steelers!
Week #12 Steelers @ Bronco's LOSS 24-17!

The Steelers came our ready to show a passing attack and they did that grabbing over 527 yards of total offense. They also had 3 costly redzone turn overs that were deadly. The offense moved the ball all day and the defense was solid. 

But with 4 total turnovers and 1 blocked fg attempt, proved to be to much for the Steelers to over come. They had a first and goal at the bronco's 3 with 1:40 left and Ben had his pass picked off in the endzone on a crazy miracle play by a def line man. Next up its the Charger at Pittsburgh.

Record 7-3-1 win streak ended.
Week #11 Steelers @ Jags WIN 20-16!

If you didn't see this win coming, you were not alone. The first half was deathly, it looked like the Steelers forgot they had a game to play as the Jags took a 9-0 lead into the half. The 3rd started out with a Jags TD to make it 16-0. All looked dead, but....then the offense scored a TD, the momentum was all with the Steelers in the 4th qt. And sure enough, the comeback from 16-0 was completed as Ben takes it in him self with 8 seconds left! It was a CLASSIC!

Record 7-2-1   6- in a row and counting!
Week #10 Panthers @ Steeers 52-21 WIN!

I know I said the team was coming together, but DAMN.. They are now the talk of the AFC! After a complete BEAT DOWN of the Panthers 52-21 and our QB dominating the Panthers so called killer defense.  This team is now back on track and looking to make a run for the SB! This is a game that was dominated in EVERY SIDE OF THE GAME! If you was not thinking of a SB run in the beginning of the season, well, NOW YOU CAN START!

Record 6-2-1  5- in a row and counting!
Week #9 Steelers @ Ravens 23-16 WIN!

This was the pay back game for the Steelers, J. Conner was electric all game long with over 180 scrimmage yards and a TD! A. Brown had a TD as well as Ben running one in.

The defense is starting to look like a defense and this team is now ready to take control of the AFC North. The O. Line is prolly the best in the NFL and the pass protection is 2nd to none. The Ben scare was short lived as on a 2nd and 22 Dobbs comes in off the bench ice cold from his own endzone and connects with JUJU for a first down!

Record 5-2-1
Week #8 Browns @ Steelers 33-18 WIN!

This game had the start that looked to be sluggish in the 1st qt. Down 6-0 at the start of the 2nd and the Steelers started to take full control of this game.

This was the first time all year that the Steelers finally looked like a full football team as the run game was great, and the defense looked crazy good. All in all it was a solid game on all sides of the ball. J. Conner is now proving that behind this O. Line that he can be a great back in the NFL.  The Browns wanted no part of this game in the 4th qt.

Record 4-2-1
Bye Week #7

Week #6 Steelers @ Bengals 28-21 WIN!

The Steelers came into this game winning the last 6 and it looked great for them to get number 7, until the bengals finale drive that ending up with them on top and going crazy.

Ben then did when Ben does and with 1:08 left on the clock, Ben drove them down field for a winning TD to AB. Conner ran hard and is starting to make a statement that he can be our rb. AB was silent until the 4th qt, JUJU had an amazing Catch and was under death threats all game. The defense was solid, but did have problems at CB. All in All, the Steelers did what they had to do. Huge Win

Record 3-2-1

Week #5 Falcons @ Steelers 41 - 17 WIN!

We finally got to see our team play a great game, the offense was clicking as J. Conner had his best day. Play calling looked great as we seen some runs, screens and AB and Ben on the same page.

The defense was in a lot of press coverage and shut down a great falcons offense, they finally blitz using M. Hilton and had solid coverage with T.J Watt having 3 sacks. The pressure all day was awesomeness. Could this be the Steelers we thought we were getting.

Record 2-2-1
Week #4 Ravens @ Steelers 26 - 14 Loss!

Well, this was just another bad game by the Steelers, the Ravens jumped out to a 14-0 lead. The Steelers got it all tied up at the half at 14-14.

The defense kept the Steelers in the game, but where did the offense go? In the 2nd half, the Ravens dominated the game. The Steelers offense could not even get passed midfield, the stats were dominated by the Ravens as was this game. 

Record 1-2-1
Week #3 Steelers @ Bucs 30-27 WIN!

Finally the Steelers show some life as the offense starts to roll. The defense causes major turnovers and has a pick 6 to make it 30-10 at the half. All looked great until the 2nd half and the Steeler defense again was in trouble as the Bucs tighten it up at 30-20 heading into the 4th.

As the Steeler offense is forced to punt, the Bucs return it 85 yards for a TD, only to have it called back with a flag. The Bucs would get a drive going and make it 30-27 late in the 4th. The Steeler would run out the clock on 3 monster runs by Conner.

Record: 1-1-1
Week #2 Chiefs @ Steelers 42-37 Loss!

The Steelers defense was shredded by kid QB Moholms for 6 TDS! K.C jumps out to a fast early lead 21-0 but the Steelers fight back scoring 21 in the 2nd. The cheifs take the 2nd half kickoff 80 yards and never looked back.
The Steelers make it close with 14 in the 4th and a chance to make a stop on K.C last possession but failed on 1st down. 12 flags and a defense that seemed out of place all game.

Record: 0-1-1
Week #1 Steelers @ Browns 21-21 Tie!

The Steelers had turnover after turnover, but still took a 21-7 lead into the 4th. A Conner fumble deep in the steelers end resulted in a quick TD for the browns, making it 21-14.

Then the next Steeler possession, Ben miss fires a pass and has it picked off deep in the steelers end resulting in yet another fast TD making it 21-21.  With 1:32 left in regulation, the Steelers send out Boswell for a 45 yarder to end it, it goes wide left, the browns get a shot at the win with a 40 yrd fg that is blocked by T.J. Watt. Sending us into overtime.  The game ends in a tie at 21-21.  

Record: 0-0-1

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