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Quotes Dude how did you get those movie trailers? The movies didnt even come out yet... Nice Info, great site idea. Quotes

Quotes The podcast show is way to cool. WOW! The site is SICKKKKKK! Love it guys! Quotes
Alex Bishop

Quotes Dam Wesdog You been busy my man. Awesome site dude! Quotes
Brett Talvecks
Xbox Magazine

Quotes Man you out done yourself bro. This should be fun. Your madden leagues rule! madden-12 video is sweet makes me want to pay now. Quotes
Tony Mandisa

Quotes Thanks for the preview did you serve in the military? You Sure Got Some Cool things Going On. I'm 40 and I can't wait to join up. Missions are my life LOL. By the way very nice site guys. WOW! Quotes
Mike Paterson
A Real Army Vet

Quotes Nice Site. Very interesting and fresh, so tiered of gamersites that all do the same thing. You guys have some wild ideas. Just don't forget us female gamers. Quotes
Sally Rendes
Female Gamers

Quotes WOW! Love the new website guys, very excited for you. Good luck! Thank you for the preview of gfsix. Quotes
Jay Jay
Gamer Magazine

Quotes What a great exciting website! Best of luck on the launch guys. See you in May. Quotes
John Nagy
Gamer Magazine
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