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Quotes Wesdog you are insane man, props to you on the show, i listen all the time. The creepy neighbor skit kills me everytime! LOVE THE SHOW! Quotes
mike jones
Big Fan

Quotes Guys, the show's fanduel league is way to much fun, love playing in it.. Only thing is... Can we make it 500 spots, the 250 sells out way to fast and sometimes i dont get in on time. Still the best league ever! Quotes
Jason Taylor
Show Fan

Quotes The Gfsix Show should be on regular radio, i would love to turn it on in my car on my way to work, So FUNNY!!! Quotes
#1 fan of the show

Quotes OMG! OMG! OMG! The gfsix show is now a must listen, love the stories wesdog and the sexyman rules...Very funny show, love it! Quotes
Sue Casta

Quotes Dudes i spit up all my coffee on my cpu on that prank call..Wow, that shit was funny! Quotes
Frank Barber

Quotes What A Great Place To Advertise, I advertise with the show and generate some great sales and leads. If you have a business that needs some sales, Let this show get your ad out. They will even create the full radio ready ad for you! LOVE THE SHOW BTW! Quotes
Owner Of Game Box

Quotes Dude, I love the fanduel league, It's so awesome. Can't wait to get in this year! AWESOME!!!!!!! Quotes
Jason Miller

Quotes The gfsix show is AWESOME! Love it, so glad to be a show's V.I.P. Quotes
Kim Miller
#1 Fan

Quotes Love The Site Guys! So Much To Do. The Radio Show Is Out Of This World Funny! Great Job! Quotes
Jack Miller

Quotes The Dirty Hoodie is SICK... Love it to death! Love the site..AWESOME! Quotes
Mike Verbel
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