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As everyone knows The GFsix Show & The After Hour Show Became Freinds creating a great partnership.

What you might not know is we also compete against each other in xbox game tournaments.

With that said, we are glad to inform you that THE GFSIX NATION planed an Invasion of The After Hour Show, on the last After Hour Show, many of The GFsix Nation was calling in and shouting out The One And Only GFsix NATION!

It was epic to say the least, we had GFsix members like Goldfinger24, Tazzamaolne, B-U-D, Dre & of course myself steelernation58. We also had many others that could not get through the phone lines!

If you want to catch The GFSIX INVATION, check out The After Hour Show and see what I'm talking about here.

I would also like to thank all of the GFSIX members that got in on all this fun! We have now shown The After Hour Show's Host what the GFsix Nation is all about!

Thanks Crew for all the crazy shout outs!


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That was so funny, every caller was a Gfsix
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