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My NBA 2K13 Initial Thoughts 

Offense is spectacular. Defense... leaves a little to be desired. Though I haven't played it "a lot," these are just my first impressions. I played on All-Star difficulty on simulation sliders FYI.


When I am on defense, I don't know if it's my controller, but my players seem to be stuck in mud. They cannot slide quick at all, I like that it is toned down from last year, but it seems to be a little too much. The CPU players seem to out muscle my players on almost every play. Iguodola was pushing my players out of the way left and right (which to some point I understand because he is a strong, slasher type), BUT he was pushing my players out of the way when he was in the air...


Another thing I noticed was, my players refuse to try and strip the ball. Gallinari was dunking all over the place, even when I had guys in the way AND when I was trying to strip him, they just refused to do it. Maybe they were scared... I don't know...


The art... oh boy, the art... I don't want to say it's terrible. But it ain't good...

Orlando's blue looks more like UNC blue (the court is the right color, why aren't the jerseys?). Knicks orange is way too dark. Clippers red is pink. Thunder blue is still too light. White accessories are gray again, very annoying to look at. There is still no home/away accessory option (c'mon really, can it be that hard to put in the game?)


The PA announcer says my name when I score yet the play-by-play guys keep calling me "Insanity." This wasn't a problem the last two years, I hate hearing a nickname instead of my actual name...



Gameplay: 9/10

Audio: 7/10 (crowd could use some improvement)

Art: 6/10 (Too many players look weird, almost no difference in body types, jerseys don't fit right, accessories are okay but no home/away option kills it, I could go on and on about art)


Overall I'd probably give it a 8/10. Still a great game, I'm sure patches will fix somethings, hopefully we get some art updates (and hopefully patches won't break anything).


What do you think?


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