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What's all the chatter about the GFsix "Dirty" Hoodies?

First off, to all the parents out there, our "Dirty" Hoodies are not for you they are only for the TRUE gamers.

The "Do The Dirty" Slogan is not ment to be a bad thing, infact it really means the total opposite, when a GFsix member does great things for us like post comments, like us, post video's, gets us new members, joins our franchise tournaments and more, he earns a GFsix reputation.

This reputation is what we call "Do The Dirty" Meaning he does the dirty work for the GFsix nation. It's our way of saying THANK YOU to that member.

If you purchase the hoodie and we deturmined you have done the "Dirty" For us, we will place your gold membership number on it as a thanks.

We offer 2 great "Dirty" Hoodies. The grey one and the black one.

Check them out in the GFsix Store.

Earn GFsix reward points and you can redeem them for a "Dirty" Hoodie.

P.S. If you're VERY ACTIVE on the site and grab us new members, or join us on our game nights, YOU COULD WIN ONE FREE!

Sport one today and show the world YOU DO THE DIRTY!


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