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Holy shit. Holy shit. HOLY SHIT.


Even the day after the last day of the baseball season, this is all I can say right now. Last night, I began watching the games at 6 PM local time. I flipped between ESPN and ESPN 2 to watch the Red Sox and Braves games, and I was watching the Cardinals game on my iPod. Wasn't really following the Rays game, since they were down 7-0. The Cardinals blew their game out easily. The other games didn't get exciting until later.


Baseball fans know the stories. Kimbrel blew the save for the Braves, and they eventually lost in extras off a bloop single by Hunter Pence. Papelbon blew the save for the Red Sox after having two outs and two strikes with the bases empty. Before this all, as soon as I came back from Taco Bell, I saw the Rays had tied it in two innings. Dan Johnson hit just his second home run to tie it in the 9th, and Longoria hit a liner home run to walk off later.


I was watching all of these moments. I saw Kimbrel blow the save. I saw Papelbon blow the save. I saw Longoria hit the walkoff home run just minutes after the Red Sox lost. Even as just a regular baseball fan, with no emotion vested in these games, I experienced a rollercoaster ride of thrills. I'm so glad I was able to witness all of these moments. I doubt we will EVER see another night in baseball history this epic. I was rooting for at least one playoff game, but I'd say the drama of last night made up for it.




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