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Is your browser slow?

Try this: Click on your browsers tools box, then check the COOKIES and CACHE boxes ONLY! Then click OK.

This will clear your CACHE and COOKIES. Allowing your browser to Speed up! And the sites should Load Fast!

Hop this helps you out! If Not Contact me.

Please note: Make sure you only check the COOKIES and The CACHE boxes! Because, If you check any other boxes it will delete your saved sites and saved passwords.

The best FREE browsers are FIREFOX 6.0 and GOOGLE CHROME!   ..GFsix Uses FIREFOX.


The IE6,7,8 and 9 Are WEAK!


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google crome!!


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While functionality is the number one goal of Web development,performance seems to be a close second. After all, a site that isn'tused serves no purpose. Caching frequently accessed Web page data isone way to positively impact a Web application's performance. Thefaster your website responds to requests, the better this is for yourSEO. Secondly, we live in a world that is obsessed with speed. Millionsof homes have high-speed internet connections, and cell phone networkshave began to embrace 4G technology. To aid you in your quest to getyour site as optimized as possible, consider reading the Search Engine Optimization Spokane.


If you are concerned about your website’s speed and how it may beimpacting your SEO rankings. Here are some few tips that any bloggercan easily implement to speed up their site:


1. Choose the right web hosting provider. 2. If you are using WordPress, implement the W3 Total Cache (W3TC) plugin or WP Super Cache plugin. 3. Sign-up for a service like CloudFlare that focuses on speeding up your site and increasing the security of your site.


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