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BattleField 3  -VS-  ModernWarfare 3.


Two of the biggest FPS’s will hit the market later this year.  Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3.  Who will sell more copies?  Which title will be more controversial?  We’d like to dissect both franchises and explain which we’re most likely looking forward to and more importantly who will succeed over the other.  Modern Warfare currently has it’s issues and Battlefield announced it’s third game, but can both titles co-exists?

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Modern Warfare 2. It’s what gelled the First Person shooter on the console. But “What If”? What if Battlefield 3 is better than Modern Warfare 3? Would you convert over from MW to BF? Many claim to be loyal to their shooters, but I love both franchises. I’d even throw Medal of Honor in this grouping but for this article I will keep it simple and debate BF3 and MW3.

Modern Warfare 3 has released many trailers leaving little to the imagination of what players can expect, the third time around.  Most of the main components of MW2 will make their way into MW3 mostly because of the departure of key Infinity Ward personnel.  But that won’t stop this gaming powerhouse.  Projected to break numbers set by MW2 in 2009, MW3 will be the biggest selling console game of all-time.  But is that a good thing?  Can gamers eventually grow tired of what is the same, year in and year out?  Here’s some brief details for MW3:

Modern Warfare 3 details:

- Key Infinity Ward personnel disbanded

- Assisted development from Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software

- Modern Warfare 2 broke the biggest day 1 sale video game (7 millions copies) surpassed 1 year later by Black Ops

- MW3 graphics similar to MW2 (as per our opinion)

- Call of Duty Elite; social service to compare stats, create videos etc.

- Release Date 11-08-11

EA CEO John Riccitiello stated that Battlefield 3 is aimed at competing with the Call of Duty series.  Recently, Battlefield 3 has been getting some news for the latest report revealing the resolution will be at 720p.  While I still believe the gameplay will not be affected by this, the fps bothers me a bit more.  Battlefield is a more complete game incorporating destructible environments.  Blowing up buildings is next gen and Battlefield is the franchise that does it the best.

Battlefield 3 details:

- Destructible environments

- Vehicles and Helicopters are operable

- Direct sequel to Battlefield 2

- Selling over 5 million, Battlefield is 2nd in FPS

- Will run in 720p, 30fps

- Release Date 10-25-11

If you had to jump on one game in 2011, which would it be?  Would you rather the consistent gameplay of Modern Warfare 3 or the adventurous battles within Battlefield 3? 

Like I said before, Modern Warfare is a staple in the FPS market.  But many good things don’t adapt change, and MW3 might fall down that path.  They’ve always said they would keep online gaming “Free” but with the announcement of Call of Duty Elite, that may change. 

Paying for new maps is understandable but to a limit.  At $15 a pop Activision is nearly surpassing the price of a new game with the 2 current and 1 planned Map Packs. 

Battlefield will have an uphill climb, but if anyone can compete against MW3, it’s them.

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Warfare 3 all the way man!!! Cod series is the best and nothing will beat it, games may come really close but never better! I will buy both but warfare 3 will be better!
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xJWx Jawz
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I have always liked COD for there singleplayer campaings but from the looks of it, Battlefield 3 looks amazing in every aspect of the game. Like blizburg said I will be getting both lol






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It's getting closer now...Can't wait to play these bad boys. Don't forget the GFsix Clan will be playing these two games over on the Clan site. What? You did'nt sign up for the clan?

Best get your ass over there and do it!


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