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An inside look at the GFsix Staff

Wes: a.k.a (STEELERNATION58) is the site owner and creator. He is the "General" if you will, of "EVERYTHING" GFsix. You can see all his work everywere on the site.

Keith: a.k.a (BLIZBURG43) is a GFsix Moderater. He handles complaint issues along with helps with the GFsix Podcast Show. He loves to talk about new games on his Forum page. He has been with GFsix since 2005.

Liz: a.k.a (DALMATION95) is the GFsix Site advertising person. She has been with GFsix since 2005.

Steven: a.k.a (TAZZA MALONE) is a GFsix Moderator. He is also a madden league Co- Comissioner. He also offers a Forum Page were he talks about everything. Been with GFsix since 2008.

Jordan: a.k.a (XJWX JAWZ) is a GFsix Moderator. He has an insane gamer attitude and offers game reviews on his own Forum page as well. He has been with GFsix since 2009.

Jerry: a.k.a (DEADLYSNIPER) is a newer GFsix Moderator. He can play some madden for sure, best be all in when you play this kid. He has been with GFsix since 2010.

Jona: a.k.a (BLACK DYE) is a brand new GFsix moderator. He will bring some good information to all our members, he will have his own forum page called Black Dye's Monkey Corner so check it out. He has been with GFsix since 2011.

Hill-Billy T. Bone: (No Xbox Yet) is the complete nut that is the madden league game predictor, he is also on the GFsix PodCast Show. He will bring some funny shit to the madden league! He is a real guy too...Been with GFsix since 2011.

GFsix: a.k.a (GFSIX) is our website unknown gamer. Has been with GFsix since 2011.

Feel free to send us a Site/Xbox message, friend us on xbox, friend us on the site, ask us questions and even challange us in a game. (We can't friend everyone on xbox so please dont take it personal if we decline). We will however, accept all site freindships. (The more active you are on the site, the better the chances we accept).

For any website information, just hit the Conact Us button located on every page of the website.

P.S. You interested in joining the GFsix Staff as a site Moderator? Cool, tell us why in the forum-general discussion-GFsix Moderator Position Open Post.


GFsix Staff


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