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What is up New members? Welcome to the site.

This website is brand new so membership is slow, the site only allows 3 new members to join a day. So it will take some time to grow it.. The last GFsix website had about 200 members.

We decided to Blow-Up that old GFsix site.

Now we come back strong with a new site and a new attitude. We will be doing some crazy things. Be sure to check out the Events page for upcoming stuff. We will need to hit 50 members to start doing game tournaments like Black ops, baseball, basketball, hockey, racing, boxing and so on... Each tournament will have all the sign up info and all rules and times..There will be prizes to the winners, cash to the winners and free stuff to the winners...

You can also start doing the missions to earn the KILLER Dogtag. You grab points for doing stuff for GFsix the more stuff you do for us the more points you get... Points can be cashed in for GFsix prizes its that easy!

Just wanted to let you all know whats up with GFsix.



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Hi. Just joined. Looks fancy. Like it. Awesome!


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