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Well, we been here before, it's never easy to have the season end in the blink of on eye. Steelers lose to the Patriots 36-17 in TITTLE GAME.

First things first, it was a great season and we all had some crazy fun, winning 9 in a row and playing solid football. But as we all know, if you don't bring your A game you will go home. With that the Steelers are now done for the season. The game was a beat down, the defense was totally out played from the first snap. Brady didn't even break a sweat, he carved us up like a heart doctor and pulled our hearts out.

I will never understand why the defense made zero adjustments, they stayed in the cover 2 zone all game, at halftime I thought we atleast play some man to man and hit the WRS on the line, but nope we just stayed off 10-12 yards letting them run wide open, sometimes they were waiving flags and Brady had zero pressure all game long. The entire defense stunk up the field. It was a sad thing to see. No one on the defense had a good game.

The offense was in a strange funk as well, L. Bell goes down after 6 carries with a groin pull, that was the start of the end for us as they now turned to A. Brown and shut him down. We kind of helped shut him down by not going his way, he was doubled up but it was an over double up with a safty, why would we not get him a drag or slant route and let him run. You know, like the Patriots did to us.

Were was the spread five no huddle at? The Patriots were doing to us what I thought we would do to them, it was a sloppy mess. The Patriots played man press and some 46 ear defense and if you are thinking like me, why not run a damn SCREEN to D. Williams maybe a playaction pass.. WOW! I'm still in shock.

What can you say about T. Brady and his UN KNOWN WRS. yeah, Who the hell is HOGAN? How can this dude get 9 for 180? Get the hell out of here..  They had no run game, but why run when you are KILLING US with the pass. It was a pure mess, the Coaching looked like it was a highschool team vs an NFL tem.  M. Tomlin got tourched. K. Butler had no calls that worked, the LBS were all no show's. The secondary was pathetic. T. Halley offense was pure GARBAGE. We seen this goofy offense before and no one cares.  We go into a run play on every first down then try a pass then get pressured into a 3rd and long.  If not for Baby Eli Rogers this game was a joke.

I could not dream a worse game then this, this was a complete nightmare. They man handled us all game, they wanted it, we didn't. Our O. Line was weak our special teams was junk. They CRUSHED US and we all look dumb. The Hoodie and Brady now own us, we have to create a team that can play man to man against them our zone is no match for the Hoodie.

It's hard to say good bye to yet another season, with Ben getting up there in age, I feel this was a wasted year, the pick up of L. Green was a pure JOKE, this dude just took the cash, he did not want to play. Jarvis is a bust, we say goodbye to him. L. Bell scared me, not sure how I feel on him just yet. An injurie is one thing, but could he not be used as a decoy and that way it opens up A. Brown.

I'm at a loss for wards, I take this loss very hard, I understand bad games will happen, I just can't understand why we make ZERO ADJUSTMENTS! The steelernation is sad today but trust us we WILL BE BACK. We will be in this game next year and hopefully get this game won.

I hope the Patriots don't win the superbowl because I want them again next year in this game. Yeah, I know you think I'm crazy for saying that. But I want to beat the best. THEY ARE THE BEST!

With all that here is


#1. E. Rogers


#1. THE ENTIRE COACHING STAFF, unreal from Tomlin on down.

#2. THE ENTIRE DEFENSE, played worse game all year.


#4. THE ENTIRE OFFENSE, played like boys.

#5. THE SPECIAL TEAMS, garbage.



#1. T. HALLEY. his high school playbook was junk.

#2. M. TOMLIN, zero halftime adjustments, I don't care if you cant play man to man, HIT THE WRS ON THE LINE!!!

#3. K. BUTLER, he was lost.


#5. L. GREEN, he will never play a full season. CUT HIM! I love J. JAMES anyway!

Game Balls:  E. Rogers

Don't get me wrong, no one on earth loves this team more then me, I live, breathe, eat and sleep steelers. I had a great time, The team needs defensive backs, this way when we get to the Patriots again, we can play some nickle and man to man.. We need some LBS who have speed if we want to keep our zone in place, on offense I think we are set. M. Bryant has to stay drug free and L. Bell will get taged with A. BROWN re-signing. All else is in place.

Thank you to all you guys who stoped in every week to read the post, We sure had fun, to bad we can't go to the superbowl, we never quit all year, we played hard we showed heart and it looked like we should of killed the Patriots. But we didn't and its over for this season.

God Bless All You Guys, Be Safe And We Will See You All NEXT YEAR!  Thank You To The STEELERS for a crazy fun season.


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