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WOW, Hey, Steeler Nation Are You Ready To Play For The AFC Tittle? Steelers Win A Close One 18-16 At K.C

Another great game, the defense is now a great defense, they played lights out all game. It sure is fun to love the defense again, it's been a while since we had fun watching the defnse in Pittsburgh, but it sure felt like old times for me. The game was moved from a 1pm start to an 820 pm start and i thought, AWESOME we get a prime time game. Play calling was suspect all game, L. Bell was GASHING them all day, then you get to the 5 and its 1st and goal you elect to pass on 2nd and 3rd downs? Very goofy calls, give the ball to L. BELL.

L. Bell is now one of the best backs in the past 20-25 years, I know I'm saying a lot here but com' on this kid is a BEAST NOW, 2 playoff games and he is 13 yards away from Franco's record, no way on earth he don't get 150 against the Pats defense, the K. C defense is much better then the Patriots defense man for man. Ben was solid but still the Ben I know, moved the ball at will but ran out some crazy plays inside the redzone, then settled for FGS.

Speaking of FGS, hats off to C. Boswell for 6 FGS made, we needed them all, A. Brown did his thing as allways and the most important thing all night was the O. LINE, are you kidding me, no presure, they moved the defense all damn night, they completly DOMINATED THE GAME. If we get 2 TDS in place of the 2 FGS this is a BLOW OUT.

The defense was OUTSTANDING, this group has come together and is now an elite defense, yeah I said ELITE, the LBS are playing out of there minds, looks like shades of the 70's LB core, not there yet, but well on the way. J. HARRISON is just a machine, this guy is playing like he wants the  The kids in the secondary are starting to understand what they are doing and The defensive line play has been awesome. What will this defense be with Heyward Back... WOW!

The special teams play was OUTSTANDING, this was our sore spot and that was there power spot with Tyrick hill, but it was a NON FACTOR as V. Williams And Dirty Red were KILLING GUYS. Boswell was on fire, maybe we can add him to the KILLER B'S The coaching was solid, but I expected more from T. Halleys Play calling, they ran all over the Chiefs and then in the redzone tryed to get pretty. No need for pretty, just RUN THE DAMN BALL.

K. Butler has made so many great calls with the defense, He looks dare I say it...ONE HELL OF A DEFENSIVE COACH! The entire defense coaching all deserve some MAJOR PROPS. M. Tomlin was all in from the start, the game plan was solid just a bit under excuted. Hats off to the entire team on a TEAM WIN.

We are now going to N. England, this time we have the better team, the better players, the faster defense, the best RB in the game, The best WR in the game and a QB that can match Brady. It will be an all out war, should be a great game, but in the end, I just feel this offense is much to strong to not win.  If we get pretty inside the redzone FGS will not win this one, we need to SCORE and never look back.

Lets check out some Good, BAD & UGLY:


#1. L. BELL, this kid is now AMAZING!

#2. A. BROWN, electric all year.

#3. J. HARRISON, are we sure this dude is 37..?

#4. C. BOSWELL, 6 FGS..

#5. THE ENTIRE DEFENSE, it so fun to watch a good defense again.

#6. THE ENTIRE O. LINE, this group is the best I ever seen in the Burgh.

#7. M. TOMLIN, great game plan.

#8. K. BUTLER, got our defense back to respectable.

#9. ENTIRE SPECIAL TEAMS, wow, great effert.

#10. B. DUPREE, kid is moving up my charts fast.


#1. The Opening Kick Off, looked to be scared of Tyrick.

#2. T. HALEY, play calling in the redzone was scary..


#1. A. BROWNS POST GAME VIDEO, kid, I love it, but you know M. Tomlin will be PISSED bro. lol

#2. TRAVIS KELSY, dude is a true crybaby.



All the crying for the takedown of Harrison flag is plain stupid, it was a good call, YES you have to make that call did you see it? Lets just say its a no call and you guys tie it up, do you really think you would of stopped our offense from getting a FG to win it... NOOOOOOOOOO! We move on, no looking back, it's on to N. England to play for a seat in the SUPERBOWL!

Steelernation, we are the best fans in all of sports, yeah, we have our jumpers, but most of us NEVER, EVER QUIT. I said it at the begining of the year, the midle of the year and I will SAY IT NOW..... ALL WE WANT ARE THE PATRIOTS! lol.... SHOW NO MERCY!  ITS OUR TIME! ITS ONE MORE GAME! CAN YOU FEEL IT!  I WILL BE SO PUMPED UP AS WILL ALL OF STEELERNATION!  LETS GOOOOOOO GET THIS!



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