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Did We All Just Witness The Best Game Of The Season For The Steelers...WILDCARD PLAYOFFS!

If you're a Steeler fan today, lets just say you were very happy with the team after that ass whoopin they laid down on the Dolphins on wildcard weekend. The Steelers came out firing on all cylinders and never looked back. Still can't under stand how L. Bell is never in the MVP talk, this dude is prolly the best back in the last 25 years, yeah, I said it.. 167 yards with 130 in the first half, this kid is a MONSTER.

Lets not dare forget about prolly the Best Wr we ever had in Pittsburgh in A. Brown, I tell you one thing... Business Is BOOOOOOOMIN..Is he not electric when he gets the ball. The entire team was on fire, the O. Line was perfect, they opened up giant holes not to mention man handled that 300 million dollar front 7 for the Dolphins.  Ben was still not Ben, but its all fine, when and if we need him, I'm sure he will blow it up.

The defense was killing anyone who had the ball, Jay Ajiah ran wild on us last time we played them and this time he looked like a back that quit and gave up with only 33 yards. Far cry from 233. I thought Matt More was dead on the hit he took from our newest superstar LB Bud Dupree, what... You didn't see it? You best go check that hit out on youtube, it was DEADLY! What can you say about J. Harrison, he played his best game of the past 3 years, R. Shazier is so fast he almost over runs the tackles and we all know L. Timmons is prolly the best LB that no one even knows.

The secondary played kill the man with the ball and were out standing all day, the 4th qt they played a cover zone and gave up some passing yards but thats fine the game was OVER. Tuit and Hargrave are MONSTERS up front, even Mculers got in on all the fun. The entire Defense was perfect, blitzed at the perfect time, presure was solid, sacks, fumbles it was like old times..

About the only thing we did bad was kickoff coverage, we have to corret this because the K.C Chiefs have a superstar punt and kick off returner, we need the kicks to go into the stands, don't let them touch the ball. The next game will be a bigger test for the Steelers, K.C has a solid defense but I don't think they can match up against our offense, L. Green could kill them and force them to play man press on A. Brown.. Then we can all say A.B....C YA!  hahahahhaha

K. Butler had a superb game plan, Tomlin had the crew fired up and ready to explode, This was T. Halleys Best called game in 4 years. The fans were awesome, it was a plain old fashion BEAT DOWN. I know everyone wants the Patriots, but lets not over look the Chiefs, they will be ready to pay, we have to jump on them early and make them try and pass to get back into the game, wich we all know they can't come back.

It was like Old time Steeler football out there and everything worked, this was by far the best game this team has put together this year, The O. Line was so good they get another mention, I think this is the best O. LINE we ever had in Pittsburgh, no way we can lose M. Munckeck he is an amazing O. Line coach. Keep his name away from any head coaching jobs PLEASE...

Lets do some Good, Bad And Ugly


#1. L. BELL, dude is freaking me out with his style.

#2. A. BROWN, dude is the best we ever seen in the Burgh.

#3. T. HALLEY, this is a first for me. But his play calling was perfection.

#4. THE ENTIRE DEF, felt like old times in the burgh.

#5. M. TOMLIN, great coach terry...

#6. K. BUTLER, awesome defense game calling. See I told everyone it takes time to gel.

#7. THE FANS, always fun at playoff time.

#8. BUD DUPREE, that hit had me cross eyed.

#9. J. HARRISON, this dude can play 3 more years, he is a MONSTER.


#1. SPECIAL TEAMS, can't give up yards for free.


#1. The HIT ON MATT MORE.. O-M-G!  I Loved the hit, i'm just saying how ugly it was for Matt.

With all that said lets hit up some game balls:


It was a great game, we aint done yet, next up its the K.C CHIEFS at their house, it will be loud, it will be nasty and it will be FUN AS HELL! We been here before, we need to come out firing and they will stack the box to stop L. Bell, we will need to come out passing then hit them with the run. On defense we need to play some cover 2 and crush there crossing routes and the zone stretch runs. This defense is super fast and will cause damage to the QB, he will look to get rid of it quickly. WE MUST MAKE THE TACKLES!



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