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Well, The Regular Season Is Over..... It's Time For Playoff Football In The BURGH!

The Steelers ended the regular season by beating the Clowns in overtime, it was a nasty game with nothing to play for and 9 starters sitting out, the Steelers did what they had to do to get that WIN. Yeah, the clowns turned into a team that is 1-15 on the season with some crazy blunders. As a Steeler fan, I don't care how we get the win but as long as we get the WIN.

The clowns looked like a football team in the first qt, taking a 14-0 lead, L. Jones looked like he always does and D. Williams saved us with 2 jumps out of our own endzone. It's hard to play a game that no one cares about and one that the clowns called their SUPERBOWL, hell, they prolly would of had a parade even for a win over some back ups.

The Steeler defense was a bit shaken, tackling was horid, but lets not get to mad at them cause they didn't want to play this game anyways. I liked the way M. Tomlin got after the defense and after halftime the Steeler defense was much better. L. Jones played a solid game, lets remember he had all back up WRS and a back up RB. Not to mention no M. Pouncy on the line. I will take 3 TDS and 277 everyday from him as a back up QB.

People are to hard on L. Jones, this guy is a solid back up QB, he can come in and win a game when needed, he could prolly start for the clowns, the dolphins or the bears. D. Will was a solid back all game, it's great to see him get back in the groove, his style of running could get L. Bell a few breaks in the playoffs.

As for the game it self, it was a sloppy game and really was great to get the win and go in to the playoffs winning 7 in a row, you have to love that we will finally go into the playoffs with our #1 WR and #1 RB healthy and playing. All we need now is L. Green back on the field for the playoffs and we are UN-STOPABLE. No way on earth this team should'nt be playing the Patriots for the AFC Championship.

I'm all excited for the playoffs, this game was just a game...

With that said, lets see some good, bad and ugly:


#1. L. JONES... dude is a solid back up.

#2. D. WILLIAMS, great to have a one-two punch for playoffs.

#3. M. TOMLIN, he was coaching his ass off out there... Hey, Terry do you call that coaching?

#4. L. TIMMONS, this dude is a machine.


#1. SPECIAL TEAMS, gave up some big yards.

#2. TACKLING, got to make them tackles.

#3. DEF LINE, back ups I know.. I know....but someone has to be able to tackle.


#1. THE CLOWNS, this is such a joke team.

#2. RG3, 12 million a year... WOW!



The Playoffs are here, no turning back and no mistakes, it's win 4 Games And Grab #7 Super Bowl. The only threat i see is the PATRIOTS, we been here before, lets not think of ANYTHING BUT ONE GAME AT A TIME!  NEXT UP..... The DOLPHINS!

"HERE WE GO"   Playoff Time ......


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