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Does It Even Get Any Better Then This?  Steelers Beat Ratshits 31-27 On Christmas Day... Send Ravens Home For 2016!

I will tell you one thing, this was the game of the year, it was as close to a playoff game as you could get, it was winner take all, all hands on deck and the looser goes HOME. The Steelers came out red hot going right down the field for the opening TD, I thought damn this is going to be a blow out. But the ravens tightend up and our tackling was HORID and they started to move the ball on us, Ben tossed 2 picks that could of been deadly if not for the defense bailing him out.  The defense I thought played a solid game dispite the HORID TACKLING, they didn't break and held strong giving up a few FGS.

I thought for sure T. Halley was going to kill us with only 1 target to A. Brown in the first half, like I said all year GET AB THE DAMN BALL. L. Bell for the fist hald was a bit slugish, his style of running would be hard against a 9 man box that the ravens used, Ben was a bit off, over throughing guys and not getting into a grove in the first half. The defense was playing a ton f 4-2-5 cover and everytime the ravens seen that defense they ran the ball. The Steelers came back after some halftime adjustments and gave it right back to the ravens with a Ben pick.

The defense couldn't keep them out and even gave up the 2 point conversion to Old man Steve Smith, at that point it was now or never for the Steelers, we get a much needed FG. L. Bell was starting to break stuff and Ben was starting to move the ball, then he tosses another pick deep inside Steeler territory, the defense played hard and gave up points.

The 4th qt was the game we all waited for, it was all or nothing and this Steeler offense was ON FIRE, Ben was lighting it up going 14 for 17 with 2 of them spikes. L. Bell was on Fire running in chunks, the raven defense was in shock. The come back was underway, well.... until the defense lets them take the lead with 118 left on the clock. I said at that time, we GOT TIME BEN get the fg get the game to overtime..

Ben had other ideas, he drove them deep into ravens territory and then I was like KICK THE FG... Kick The FG... Ben said HELL NO, I WANT THE TD, hits A. Brown and AB did what ever he had to do to cross that goal line and it was a mad house.. AB is the best WR in the NFL, I been saying this ALL YEAR. But hats off to Ben on that drive and how he came back after those deadly picks.

It was just the PERFECT CHRISTMAS for me and ALL OF STEELERNATION. Have to love the way the defense adjusted and how the offense line dominated the game, T. SUGGS had zero tackles, Zero Sacks, ZERO pressures and was took out of this game. The only thing i wished for was for T. Halley to use the spread 5 in the first half, yeah, I know he used it some, but to many times we ran the ball into blitzes or 9 man fronts, more play action and we got to get a few screens to L. Bell please...

All in all I had a blast on Christmas, prolly my best Christmas of all time, Loved how the team responded and how M. Tomlin never let them quit. We been here before with out L. Bell or AB now we can go into the 2016 playoffs with some HEALTH and our RB & WR. It wouldn't be me if I didn't comment on the Terry Bradshaw stuff, not sure why he said this about M. Tomlin but it was hurtful to all of us in STEELERNATION, we backed Tomlin when everyone wanted him fired, we backed Tomlin on all his blunders but to say he is not a great coach is just plain weak Terry! We all love you Terry but that stuff made me pull your number off my favorite steelers all time wall. Maybe Tomlin is not a great coach, but to call him a cheer leader was DISRESPECTFUL. You call Cowher a GREAT Coach and M. Mccarthy a great coach, I need you to look at their records and compare them to the guy you said is NOT A GREAT COACH! You're DEAD ASS WRONG TERRY!

I love Cowher to death, but not even I would take Cowher over TOMLIN.  It's always MR. CHUCK KNOLL as my all time favorite coach and Tomlin is now my #2. Love Tomlin and the way he coaches.

With all that said lets take a look at


#1. O. LINE, was perfect all game.

#2. L. BELL, dude is just fun to watch.

#3. A. BROWN, best wr in NFL hands down.

#4. L. TIMMONS, can we please give this dude some props. OUTSTANDING SEASON!

#5. B. ROTHLISBURGER, dude had me scared, then BALLED OUT IN THE 4TH QT.

#6. THE FANS, you guys just never quit... LOVE IT!

#7. M. TOMLIN, GREAT COACH!  Terry Bradshaw should take back his goofy statement.



#2. C. BOSWELL, can't kick out of bounds.


#1. T. SUGGS, dude was a NON FACTOR IN THE GAME.

#2. THE REFS, blown facemask on AB thank god he stretched it out for TD.

#3. THE RAVEN FANS, they are so SALTY.. LOVE IT!



*A few solid mentions that had huge plays.. E. ROGERS, J. JAMES, J. HARGROVE, J. HARRISON..

Well, the last game of the regular season is Sunday against the CLOWNS, we will be sitting about 6-9 starters in that game, I agree with it, it's just that if the Clowns win they will act like they beat us... I think with all of our backups we should still get this WIN, lets face it, the Clowns are a joke. A college team can beat them. If they didn't get that cheap ass win last week and came into this game at 0-15 u best believe NO ONE  But all should be fine, We will have to play a solid game in a game that is like a preseason game. 

"HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO"  Playoffs 2016! You Gotta Love It!


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