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Great 2nd Half Get The Steelers To The Win.. 24-20 Over Them Hated Bungholes....

This game started out bad and continued that way for the entire first half, the refs were killing us and it seemed like we didn't come out with any passion. Then just before the half we get that much needed FG, that was the turning point, M. Tomlin was mad as hell and must of laid into this team at the half because what came out in the 2nd half was a team that wanted it more and showed some fire and passion.

Ben was a bit off but managed to keep our offense moving, C. Bosworth was awesome in kicking some needed FGS 6 of them to be exact, with the score 20-9 at the half it was looking like some momentum was on our side. The second half started out with us getting yet another FG to cut it to 20-12, at this point I kinda knew that the Bungholes were ready to quit and start doing what they do, getting flags.. The run game was solid and E. Rogers made some big plays as did Colby.. AB was locked down and again we didn't target him much at all, not sure why we do this, but we do.. The O. Line was getting the the LBS and makng some good blocks.

The 2nd half as well as the 4th qt was all pittsburgh, the defense was playing lights out, holding the Bungholes to just 31 2nd half yards. Is it just me or do the Bunghole fans sound weak, the announcers was HORID with a capital H. The refs missed 2 facemasks in the endzone not to mention both were pass interf. The Steelers LB play was insane, can we finally give some props to L. Timmons, this dude is a stud LB and never gets any props, shit, he can't even get a new contract. I'm sure we will re-sign Timmons he is well worth it. Shazier we found out is nuts, did you see him walking the sidelines with no shirt on, lets just hope he don't catch a cold with the big game comming

M. Tomlin deserves major props for the halftime adjustments, T. Halleys offence was solid but a few calls were strange, but K. Butlers defense is now a solid group that knows how to adjust on the fly, love the 4-2-5 zone and the 4-3 man he has slipped in, the pressure is awesome even with out Hayward and Tuit. The kids in the secondary are balling, A. Burns & S. Davis are doing things the 3rd year guys do, M. Mitchele who I have killed, is now making some solid plays, R. Cockrill is looking like a great cover guy. Props to this group they were killed at the beginning of the year. The special teams were a bit shakey, but as far as C. Boswell, this dude can kick, did you catch his tackle, that was HUGE to say the lease..L. Bell was solid, looked like he left some big yardage on the field tho, his style is awesome, but sometimes I just wish he would explode through the holes. That's more of D. Williams style, when ever we can get D. Williams back the better, he will provide some rest as well as a fast slashing style runer. All in All, I was happy with the win, I kinda hate V. Berfect, does this dude want to be T. Suggs or what? He is an average LB at best, M. Lewis I respect but he has no control over that defense.

All I can say is we own the BUNGHOLES! We all know what is up next for us, it's now RATSHIT WEEK, the Ravens will come in expecting to win, hell they won the last 6 out of 7 games on us, this time it will be different, the Steelers offense needs to get away from the L. Bell delay draws and move to the quick passes to AB and E. Rogers, screens to L. Bell are deadly.

It's time to take what they want.... The Division Tittle.... did any of you guys see the Eagles vs Ratshits game? That was such a scam, the Eagles go for 2 to win it at the end instead of kicking the p.a.t and go to overtime. S-C-A-M!

I know this is Christmas week and we are all thinking of our presents and family and food.... But you best damn believe I will Be ALL IN WITH MY STEELERS! It's all hands on deck, come out with a nastyness, a passion, fire Lets not just win this game, LET'S DOMINATE IT!

Here is this weeks Good, Bad And Ugly from Steelers vs Bengals week 15....


#1. C. BOSWELL, dude wanted to kick 10 FGS. lol

#2. THE DEFENSE, 2nd half they killed it.

#3. M. TOMLIN, halftime adjustments and ass chomping was great.

#4. L. BELL, solid game but we come to expect 300 yards from him

#5. E. ROGERS, made some big 3rd down plays.

#6. O. LINE, please don't take M. MUNCHECK AWAY.

#7. K. BUTLER, this dude ws killed all year, now we see what he is trying to do. LOVEN IT!

#8. L. TIMMONS, dude gets zero props from any talking heads.


#1. THE ANNOUNCERS, wow they were HORID.

#2. BUNGHOLE FANS, so quiet and sooooooo lame...


#1. THE REFS, blind as bats.

#2. V. BERFECT, dude is soooooo lame...

#3. M. LEWIS, has no control over that defense.


It's all or nothing on CHRISTMAS DAY! STEELERS vs RATSHIT RAVENS. Winner Take All....I CAN'T WAIT! It's RAVEN WEEK...



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