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It Just Don't Get Any Better Then This.... Or Does It? Steelers Win 4th In A Row. 27-20 Over The Bills..... L. BELL Goes DASHING THROUGH THE SNOW....

Another solid game by the Steelers, defeting the Bills 27-20 the score don't tell the story of how the Steelers man handled the Bills all damn day long. You have to be impressed with L. BELL, I told everyone that this kid is a machine and is the BEST BACK IN FOOTBALL, now you can see why, this kid had 298 yards and made it look simple against a solid defense in Bufalo. I was hoping to get him to 300 but, we can't get greedy... lol  I really think L. BELL is the best back we ever seen in pittsburgh and if he can stay clean and healthy we could prob make a case for him as the best back in football ALL TIME.  Yeah, Yeah, I know its way to early, but I'm just thinking about his style of running and this O. LINE that is young and all signed.

The O. LINE is now a machine that show's NO MERCY AT ALL, they come in punch you in the face and walk off, M. Pouncy is killing guys, R. Foster was out and in came B.J Finney, and lets just say WOWOWOWOWOWO I think i have a man crush on Finney he was epic, how is this dude on the bench? Did you see him pull, he was blowing people up. Another star player was R. NIX this full back was not only pancaking def linemen, he was making tackles on special teams. IMPRESSED WITH THIS O. LINE, could this be the best O. LINE we ever seen in the Burgh?

The defense was solid and didn't give up any big plays until the 4th qt. They balled out all game, S. TUIT is now a MONSTER, and my dude R. Shazier is just a freak, you got to love the kids A. BURNS and S. DAVIS in the secondary, them boys are doing a great job. Lovin the 4-3 man up defense, this has to be from M. Tomlin, they are using this more and more and it's generating crazy pressure. Congrats to MR. MIKE TOMLIN on his 100 regular season win, looks like all them fools that wanted you fired are all SILENT NOW.. lololol.

Ben was not on point at all, lets not be to worried, 2 of his 3 picks were not his fault, the WRS ran the wrong route, Ben will never tell you that, but you could see it in his face, it's all good I have no fear of Ben not exploding.. With a running game like this, I would HATE TO PLAY THIS TEAM. Peeking at the perfect time, defense is solid, it's going to be an AWESOME RUN! We still have business to tend to, it's 4 down and 3 to go to get to my 11-5 prediction. and the #2 seed.

Look at the NFL, no team is taking control of anything, We can't look back at all those goofy losses, all we can do is move forward and get WINS. This team is very scarry and will destroy the ratshits. The Bungholes have no weapons and just a shell of them selfs, but they do want to try to hang with us and maybe try to beat us up, THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN, the Steelers should plaster 40 on them. Score and show NO MERCY!

Hats off to K. Butler and his defense, they are making plays and comming together as a solid unit, i didn't like the foot of the gas peddel in the 4th qt. But it's understandable. I would rather play lights out.. This could be a learning lesson to the next games, show up and SHOW NO MERCY!

With all that said, lets take a look at the


#1. L. BELL, best back i ever seen in the burgh. PAY THIS KID!

#2. O. LINE, big props to B. J. FINNEY, this kid was killing it.


#4. M. TOMLIN, 100 wins, love Mike...

#5. K. BUTLER, his 4-3 man cover is doing the job.

#6. T. HALLEY, i kill you when the calls are goofy, but today coming out in the spread then feeding L. BELL was epic.

#7. M. MUNCHUCK, i just hope no one steals you away.


#1. THE 4TH QT DEFENSE, understandable. but lets play 60 minuites.


#1. The RUBBER STUFF, what the hell was that? lol

#2. REX RYANS FACE, yes, you are fired. AGAIN!

I'm so impressed with the defense in the last 4 games, lets not forget we are playing with out HEYWORD AND HARGROVE and not to mention GOLDSON, everyone is stepping up and making plays now, I can trust this defense again. I still want the offense to score at will and show no mercy.

3 more wins will get us the #2 seed, maybe even the #1 seed. can you imagine if all games go through the BURGH?  WOWOWOWOWOWO!




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