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Steelers May Have Found Some Light At The End Of The Tunnel.. Steelers Smash Colts 28-7 On Turkey Day!

Now, it finally looks like this team has kind of woke up, yeah, I know it was the Browns and Colts with out Luck in at QB, but this same team faced the Dolphins and Eagles and got hammered. We all know this team loves to play down to its opponents. This time we will take the wins, I don't care who it is or how it's done, just as long as it's a WIN.

The offense looked insane on it's first 3 drives scoring TDS on all 3, we jumped on them and showed no mercy, the Defense was a bit slugish, but I have to say, the new 4-3 zone that DC K. Butler is sneaking in is working like crazy. The def line is now on a mission, Hargrove and Tuit seem to have found out how to get to the QB with great pressure.

The O. Line just man handled the Colts Def Line all night, L. Bell is now the best RB I ever seen in Pittsburgh, I love J. Bettis and Franco but, L. Bell is mr. EVERYTHING. Don't wait to pay this kid, PAY HIM NOW! What can you say about A. Brown, this kid is moving up so fast on my WR'S list no dout he will be at the top spot soon. Sorry, Swann, Stallworth, Hines, Lipps..  AB is just that good.

Ben played a solid game, not a ton of yards but in the redzone was on point. You have to give props to M. Tomlin, 2 weeks ago everyone wants him fired, now everyone says he is a solid coach, Tomlin is a STUD COACH, he never looks like he panics on the sidelines, his passion is great, this guy is just plain AWESOME! I been telling everyone, if they fired Tomlin who do they want as coach, you should of heard the names we got. WOW!

The defense was killing people all night long, it almost looked like steeler defense we are used to seeing, they did have a few coverage busts and missed a few tackles but all in all it was a solid effert all night. K. Butler is learning what he has and can do, the only down spots on the defensive side was J. Jones and B. Dupree these 2 are giving us nothing at all. If you understand football, you'll understand that the outside LBS in a 3-4 defense are rushers and these two don't get to the QB.

L. Timmons and R. Shazier are solid and toss in Chicolo with Moates and the LB core is solid. J. Harrison is just a monster, to bad we have to limit his time on the field. The secondary played strong, M. Mitchele I kille almost every game, but not this time, this dude played his best game all year. Cockrol is started to be a good CB, W. Gay played a good game.

The coaching staff needs to get some props for the play calling on both sides, I still would love to see T. Halley use A. Brown WAY MORE and get L. Bell into space with some screens and toss in a few slants and maybe use the T. End more. But hey, we can't get everything.. So, props to the coaches on this game.

The punting game finally showed up as This dude was punting like he was going to be fired with one bad one.. lol  Special team ace M. Wheeton continues to show the twam he loves to tackle. If only he could catch again at WR. Lets not be to hard on him yet, dude does have 2 broken fingers.  We are going to need D. Williams back at RB to get L. Bell some rest.. Where is D. Williams? He been on the sidelines for 8 games? 

All in all, it was a solid game and a solid win for us, we need to continue to use the spread offense and open up the middle with the T. Ends as well as free up A. Brown. We need the slot WR to make some plays or defenses will double up A. Brown. I love it when L. Bell motions out to the WR spot and you get to see the fear in the eyes of the defender. It's a total miss match..

Up next it's the G Men, they will come in playing good football and Beckam is a killer if you don't smack him early and often, Our defense has got to man up and get to E. Manning the staduim needs to be explosive and loud as hell, a win here will move us into contention.

Lets take a look at the


#1. L. Bell, dude is best I ever seen in Pittsburgh.

#2. A. Brown, dude just makes it look simple, if only we could get him more targets TODD HALLEY!

#3. The O.LINE, dominated the line.

#4. The middle LBS, all 4 played solid games.

#5. M. Mitchele, he finally played his best game as a Steeler.

#6. Coaching Staff, all where on the same page all night.

#7. The Def Line, Tuit, Hargrove were insane all night. Tuit is going to kill someone


#1. Miss Tackles

#2. J. Jones, dude is as close to a bust as you can get.

#3. B. Dupree, dude is still raw, give him a chance.


#1. M. Wheeton, dude looks like he is sared of catching the ball.


Lets keep the train on track and do what needs to be done SUNDAY and beat up the Giants.. I said we will win the next 7, it's 2 down with 5 to go.

I said 11-5 seed #2 in AFC.  We are now on track for it.  "HERE WE GO"


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