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Finally, The Steelers Get Back On Track.....With Win Over Clowns 24-9

It's been a long mad five weeks since we got to talk about a win for the Steelers, but, did anyone really think they would lose to the Clowns? I know, I Know, we seem them fall to garbage teams over and over, but come on, it's the CLOWNS for god sake. No it wasn't a killing of them, but hey, a win is a win, no matter how you get it as long as its a win.

This team has been up and down all year, the clowns could be just what this team needed to get it self back on track, the defense was awesome, I see them now mixing in some 4-3 man zone and I must say, I like it, it creates pressure from the MLB'S like Timmons, he has been asked to cover WRS and T. Ends all year in the 3-4 cover 2 defense he has been solid, but did you see this monster when they sent in some 4-3.. He was a blitzing machine.

Congrats to my man James Harrison for breaking J. Gildons sack record, but this guy in the starting line up give this defense a much needed attitude that J. Jones just don't bring. Ryan and Moates played solid LB and even M. Mitchele was getting into the hitting game, the Def line was on fire and was KILLING the clowns o.line all day. Very impressed with the play calling and scheme from Keith Butler.  The secondary played solid and A. Burns will be a star player soon.

The offense was scarry, once again the play calling from Todd Haley was weird, they do love to run L. Bell over and over, we need to mix in some play action, I know it was windy and cold but I gota say.. A.Brown was wide open on every snap.. Just get him a slant and its to the house. The offense looked weak going into the redzone 4 times and getting just one TD, not sure what some of those calls were at all.

L. Bell was just outstanding, I think we need to pay this kid, he is the real deal even with his weed problem, he was cruzing into the line getting 4,5,9 yards a crack, I would love for this dude to get those dallas rb (zeekelliot) screen plays.. WOW, he could take them 90 all day long. But we arnt allowed to get L. Bell into open space for some reason.. Why TODD WHY!

S. Coats was killing it on special teams, do I dare say we found him a spot on this team? He had 4 tackles and looked like a tackler out there. B. rothlisburger was just a basic QB, he made a few plays when needed but he wasnt his great self. Looks like all the fire Tomlin talk will now cool off a bit, Tomlin could of got killed if that TD didnt work, I kick a FG there. But he been playing this all year and if it works it's all good.

Nice to see an empty stadium in Cleveland and all the steelernation getting some great free  I remember when the clowns were a hated team to the steelers and now I even kinda feel sorry for them... NOT!  I hate them

It was good to see the team have some attitude and show some heart out there, they were hitting everything that had orange on, it was great to see the sacks and the pressure on the other QB for a change. If the defense can get that play from this defense the rest of the way, we could have a shot at #7.  That;s if our offense don't fall into the trap of run run run...

Next up it's the Colts on Turkey Day, this should be a good test to see if we are on track or it was because it was Cleveland. I think our offense in a dome should explode on the colts, but lets not forget all year we couldnt stop the pass and thats 85% of the Colts game. If worse comes to worse we just need to SCORE and show NO MERCY!

Lets take a look at the GOOD, BAD & UGLY from the game.


#1. THE ENTIRE DEFENSE, the pressure, the sacks wow!

#2. L. BELL, this dude is awesome.

#3. THE O.LINE, man handled the clowns def.

#4. A. BROWN, he was open all day, we just stuck to the run game.

#5. M. TOMLIN, he gets blasted if something fails, lets give him props when it works.


#1. Gave Up A Few Big Pass Plays.


#1. THE CLOWNS TEAM, pure garbage.

#2. The Hit On There QB from Tuit.. I Thought he killed him.

#3. The Clowns Run Game

#4. The Clowns Tossing Stuff On The Field, thats all they

#5. The Clowns O. LINE, this could be the worst group in NFL history.

#6. The Clowns could break the longest losing streak in NFL history. 0-26.  they are at 0-17 now. that's not counting the 0-4 preseason. lol



Anyways, it was fun to get the win, I liked what the defense is trying to do with the 4-3 man cover and just hope this defense can somehow rise up and keep hitting everything. The offense should get us 20-45 a game here on out.  Lets all just stay focused and continue to show up with attitude and heart.  This is one down and 6 to go.  11-5 is a challenge, but it could happen and give us seed #2.



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