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The Ups And Downs Of The 2016 Steelers... It's Driving Us All Crazy..!

Here we go again, yet another loss, the Steelers now lost 4 in a row and what looked to be a solid game and win for us turned out to be a heartbreaking loss. There were some nice bright spots as this loss wasn't to a garbage team. The Cowboys are a solid team and have a QB and RB that are taking over Dallas. I can except a loss to a good team as long as we show some heart and we did just that, with 2 minuites left and the steelers just giving up a monster TD run to Zeek, Ben took over this game and drove the Steelers down for what seemed to be a winning TD drive, only to have it snatched away with a 41 second 75 yard drive by the Cowboys to win the game.

One thing we learned is, Todd Halley used the offense the way I thought we would all year, the spread with L. Bell in motion to the WR spot is un stopable, this opens up A. Brown and as you seen, the offense was electric all day! This offense has to have a mind set that it must score every time they have the ball, because this defense is pathetic and can't stop the run or pass now. I always thought the defense would get a little better each week, not the case for this group.

Our defensive line is getting zero presure and our LBS are playing way to much zone, it seems like when ever we go to the nickle the other teams offense calls a run play and when we go to the 4-3 or 3-4 they call a pass play. Teams are out coaching us. We used a few blitz this week and now I kind of understand why we dont use the blitz more often, if we blitz and can't get there, our secondary just falls down.

This loss goe's straight on the defense, they have no clue how to stop a screen pass, the second week in a row we give up an 85 yard or more TD! Our safty #23 is a bust, he is always taking the wrong angle to the runner, he never makes a play, still scrtch my head as to why on earth they let Troy go, he has to be better then what we got now. Another guy I have to lable as an all out bust is Jarvis Jones, this dude makes zero plays you would think that a guy that rushes the QB all damn game can get there at least once or even hurry the thro a little.

The offense was outstanding, the play calling, yes the same play calling that stunk it up in Baltimore was ON FIRE in this game, Hey, Todd Halley can you promice me that you'll run this for the next 7 games..PLEASE>>> You targeted A. Brown a ton and he gave you a ton, you used L. Bell in motion and he killed them all day, hell, you even passed to a T. End today.. But my only fear is that you will revert back to your delay draws up the middle or your WR bubble screen with no blocking.

The O. Line was above avgerage and did a great job on protection, Ben had all day and was carving that Dallas defense up, Ben played lights out all day and made play after play, this is the Ben know, not that big sissy we seen last wek in Baltimore. A. Brown looked like Mr Electric again and L. Bell is just a stud. We do need more help from the other WR Wheeton, he was M.I.A again.

The punting was weak, Boswell is starting to fade away and the coverage was solid, our punt return game was suspect, A. Brown had a kicker in front of him and elected to just skip out of bounds, not sure what that was about same thing with a return by Tusant, instead of head down getting 5-7 more yards he skipped out of bounds. The fans were ready and I think going for 2 was a great idea, if you make the first one you now put pressure on your opponant to chase that point, we didn't get it on 4 attemps, I was cool with going for 2 everytime. If we make just 2 thats 4 points.

The distubing thing I see and hear is all the talk about firing Mike Tomlin from steeler fans, it's just plain stupid to say that. Number one, who do you get to replace him? Number 2, do you think another coach can come in here and make this defense any better? It's the PLAYERS not the coaching. I live and breathe with Tomlin, I love his style and his emotion, I would like to see more of him getting in the face of a guy that just had a goofy facemask call that gives the game away. As far as defensive cord Keith Butler, I'm staying with him atleast another year, This defense is so RAW and SO YOUNG and we really have ZERO SAFTIES!  We have tons of cap space next year and I think we can grab a few great safty.

Lets not forget that this team has been here before, we can run 7 in a row and still be 11-5, with games against the Browns, Ravens at home and At Bengals and Cots and Bills... I think we can run the table. It's a hard time for all of us TRUE STEELER FANS, but this offense is the best I ever seen in the BURGH. I will say that over and over. The only one that can stop this offense is TODD HALLEYS PLAY CALLING.

Spread them out and gun it.. Ben is a master at this style of offense and now we all understand that we feel like we MUST SCORE EVERY POSSESION. I hate the loss, but also loved what I seen. Granted the defense is nasty in a nasty way and teams will probly score on us, run on us and pass on us, just don't forget we CAN AND WILL SCORE ON ANYONE!

With that all said, lets take a look at the GOOD, BAD & UGLY from the game:


#1. Ben Rothlisburger, dude was on fire.

#2. Offensive Play Calling, loved it 90% of the game. Still would love to see more screens to L. Bell and a few slants to A. Brown.

#3. A. BROWN, finally we target this kid and you see what happends.


#1. THE DEF LINE, no pressure at all.

#2. THE DEFENSIVE PLAY CALLING, we can't stop a basic 40 dive run now.

#3. KEITH BUTLER, you get a pass because you have no players.


#1. THE SECONDARY, my god, I'v never seen a worst one in the BUrgh.

#2. THE DEFENSE, they did an ok job on ZEEK in the first half, but then they all died.

#3. C. BOSWELL, dude you have to punt way better then this and then you kick a kick off out of bounds. WOW!

#4. THE FANS WHO WANT TOMLIN FIRED, stop it you sound like JACKOFFS!

Game Balls:  BEN, A. BROWN, L. BELL, O. LINE

In closing, I liked the going for 2, if you get them, everyone is happy, if you don't everyone wants to fire you. Tomlin had the team up and they showed tons of heart. If they had todays heart and attitude when we played the Dolphins or The Ratshits we would of put 50 up. We can't look back, we must move ahead and show some respect and get this offense in gear. This offense is a scoring machine, no time to just get 30 we need to score EVERY DAMN TIME WE GOT THE BALL! The defense is GONE. Don't get divided within the Locker and become stronger Football is about family and brotherhood. STAY TOGETHER STEELERNATION, it's us against everyone now.




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