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Can It Get Any Worse Then This? This team Is Playing At An All Time Low....

Well, it don't look like this roller coaster of a season will ever stop and by the time we get off of it we will probly be all sick as hell. Not sure what I was watching out there Sunday, maybe they forgot that we were about to face a RATSHIT PATHETIC Ravens team, you know the team that OWNS US NOW, redemtion day came and went and we look like fools.

The Steelers need to regroup, wait a minute was'nt that what the bye week was for, anyway... not sure how they can get this back on track, this was a superbowl team and now looks like a team with NO HEART AT ALL. This is are hated rival who whooped are asses the last 3 games we played them, they laugh at us and probly wished they played us every week, because they suck against every other team but us.  We have no stand out guy to get in the faces of this team, we need a Joey Porter A Hines Ward, A Jack Lambert A Joe Green A Greg Loyyd someone has to get this team fired up and back to steeler football.

Teams are no longer scared of us, they don't fear our stadium, they dont fear our offense and laugh at our defense. Does that bother you as much as it does me? Losing to the RATSHITS is UN EXCEPTABLE, it's pathetic. A lot of steelernation is PISSED OFF, its ok to be, we demand a team that plays with attitude and heart. This lame show up and go through the motion shit has to end or Tomlin, Haley And Butler will be gone!

This high powered offense was suposed to be a five wide spread, no huddle exploding style point scoring bunch has now becaome a basic run up the middle and punt team. Why is it that Todd Halley continues to call that shitty delay draw up the middle to L. Bell, you are running it into an 8 and 9 man front. Can we please for the love of GOD toss a SCREEN! L. Bell in open space is the key to our run game, but if the defense don't respect it it's GARBAGE!

A. Brown is electric and gets 3 targets in a game, I know he is doubled and even trippled covered, that's why you need a damn SLANT PASS TO HIM, A CROSSING PASS TO HIM, stop with the 7 yard CURLS. The slot WR is killing us, we don't use the tight ends to spread the middle for Bell to get some dump offs. If your damn T.ENDS are blocking who the hell is going to move the LBS off the damn line.

The O. Line is now an avg basic line, they have no nasty in them, they allowed a NO NAME LINE to push them into Ben all game, destroyed are run game, granted we don't use sweeps or any PLAY ACTION AT ALL. So the line just has to get pushed into Ben all day long! Why is it that this defense plays ok one week then gets killed the next, why does our safty miss tackles over and over. Not sure what to expect against Dallas next week, but if this Defense can't stop the run the Dallas line will EAT THEM UP!

The coaching is now reached the point of death, Todd Halley's play calling is to the point of SCARRY, dude refuses to use the T. ENDS, hates the SCREEN and will not use PLAY ACTION, Slants, Crossing routes.  I know a lot of you think his play calling gets us a ton of yards and lots of points when its clicking, but when its not clicking and players are not turning a 3 yard pass into a 65 yard TD, ITS PATHETIC!

Tomlin is no Bill Cowher, his cool ness is starting to ware off, we need him to stop being the cool coach and get in the faces of the players, they don't have to all love you and if they do love you and play like this I would check my self. They need to be pushed.. This is not how you teach your kids if they fight in school is it, you just play it cool? NO.... you take control of this shit.

As for that onside kick, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Is this dude on the plain ride home? What was that? He did some kind of 2 step out there, you can just see the Ravens laughing.. WOW! I can go on and on with this team, one thing tho..  I'm starting to hate the fans who say: You ride with us when its bad or good"  WE ALL RIDE, but we all get pissed off and want to know why this is happening to this team.

One bright spot is the entire NFL BLOWS this year, well except for the MIGHTY PATRIOTS and I dare say the RAIDERS? Now that is funny.. The AFC North is garbage, The steelers should be 7-1 and in cruze control, instead we are barley above water... It's a sad last 3 games. But on the bright side, if they can come to play against a powerfull DALLAS team and get a win, we can get this junk BACK ON TRACK!

OK, lets take a look at the GOOD, BAD & UGLY


#1. Still tied atop the division

#2. RYAN SHAZIER, dude came to play, lets just hope he didn't injure his self.


#1. O.LINE

#2. BEN ROTHLISBURGER, looked like he was planning on a day off and coach tossed him a helmet.

#3. The WR'S, Wheeton is now MR. DROP, E. Rogers is to scared to go over the middle. A. Brown is not into the game because he is never targeted.

#4. The T. ENDS, can any of them run a curl about 8 yards.

#5. L. Bell, I love this guy, but this play calling is not going to make him run better



#2. TODD HALLEY, play calling looks like a highschool team.

#3. LOST TO RATSHITS AGAIN, they now own us.

#4. M. TOMLIN, he is way to cool, we need a spitter.

#5. C. BOSWELL, dude no dancing allowed on the field, they should fine his ass fo that shit.

Game Balls:  R. SHAZIER

Well, its on to the next one, Ben can't stink it up again or can he. The Dallas Cowgirls will be ready to kill us and if we don't come out firing it will be another loss. This offense has to spread them out, we can't run L.Bell up the middle over and over, GO DEEP, PLAY ACTION, SLANTS, SCREENS, CROSSING ROUTES.  Play GOOD DEFENSE! My heart says STEELERS WIN.



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