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The Steeler Roller Coaster Ride Continues....Steelers Fall To Patriots.... AGAIN!

Is it just me or did this defense get worse week by week? We were all used to not stopping the pass for the last 4 years and now you add in we get ZERO QB PRESSURE and our run defense is GONE like the wind. I remember when a team going into the Burgh would abondon their run game because the Steeler defense would crush it, today, I think RBS get excited to run against this defense.

I know alot of you Steeler fans are happy with L. Jones proformance, I'm not one of those guys, yeah, he did a few good things but for the most part he was just an avg QB. When he gets a little pressure he looks scared to death, he just needs to stand in the pocket and take the hit after he gets rid of the ball. His stats where ok, but I think he owes a ton of them to L. Bell.. Atleast T. Halley spread them out a little bit, but I still can't figure out why we dont get the ball to AB in man up press coverage.

The offense did zero screens or zero slants, not sure why T. Halley can't see this, his love to run delay draws into a 9 man box over and over was just crazy, can we do a play action pass just once... For the most part the defense kinda held Brady in check, but it seemed like when ever Brady wanted to pass he would hit the pass play and allowing his turtle ass to run for 3 first downs was making me sick.

The defensive line is missing their best pass rusher along with a run stopper in Heyward, without him this group is bellow avg. ZERO PRESSURE all game, man handled by the Pats O. Line. What ever happend to J. Harrison did he retire and we didn't know? I'm not sure he was even out there.  The LBS were lost and if not for L. Timmons making every tackle would be crushed today. The secondary was ok, but to let Gronk run right by you I'm still shaking my head.

The only few bright spots were L. Bell he continues to make great plays, I don't even mind all his dancing in the backfield, I just wish he would hit the hole a little faster and of course A. Brown had a good game, atleast he got a few targets this week. As far as Tomlin and the coaching staff, it was a mess all day. Tomlin tried a 53 yard fg on a 4th an 2. Bell is wide open just dump it off to him. Then the challenge flag on a clear catch along with his NON HALFTIME ADJUSTMENTS are killing me.. K. Butlers defense is a mess, I understand what he is trying to do because of what he has on the field, but I would much rather go down BLITZING MAY ASS OFF then playing cover 2 or cover 3.

4-3 record with this offense is shocking, I understand all the injuries and suspensions but the Pats won 3 of 4 with their back up QB, it's no excuse to play a much better game. The Steelers came out flat and fell behind 14-0 and had ZERO big plays, then the pick in the endzone on a wacky pass by L. Jones took the fans out of the game. The punting was solid and the coverage was ok.

I think the bye week coming right now is a great help for this team, after the bye week we got them damn RATSHIT RAVENS, they will be excited to play us because they too own us, it's time to come out after the bye week and start clicking on offense, we have to keep the ball away fro every other offense, the more our offense can score the better because we all know this defense is prob the worst I seen in Pittsburgh in 20 years.

With all that said, lets check out my GOOD, BAD & UGLY.


#1. L. BELL, This kid is such a great back.

#2. A, BROWN, made a few big catches.

#3. L. Timmons, I think he made 76 tackles in that game.


#1. The DEF LINE, this group was man handled.

#2. The O.LINE, where did the best line in the NFL go?

#3. Coaching Staff, Bad play calls, Bad clock managment, weak game plan.


#1. T. BRADY, just because I HATE HIM!

#2. THE RUN DEFENSE, you let that fat old weed puffin drunk ass RB gash you up.

#3. The REFS, 3 missed P.I'S then 2 other ones you called on our WRS..

Game Balls:  L. BELL, A. BROWN, L. TIMMONS

Well, we hopefully get healthy and get Ben back to make a run to #7, regardless of what we win it looks like we will be heading to N. England in January. If we get that far. Pats are 8-2 in last 10 vs Steelers, not sure we have an answer to that offense. But with a healthy Ben, AB and BELL this team is scary... I can only hope to play them again.

Bye week up next, then we got Ratshits, Cowshits And The CLOWNS.. need to win all 3.


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