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WILL THE REAL PITTSBURGH STEELERS PLEASE STAND UP..... Steelers Get Shocked By Garbage Dolphins. 30-15!

Well, here we go again, just when you think the goofy losses to garbage teams is gone for the year, it show's back up. Not sure if I'm still dreaming that we lost or if it was real, but the score says 30-15 loss! How can we continue to lose games to garbage teams? It has to be something in the prep work by the head coach, why are they NOT READY?

The offense was a complete joke, garbage play calling shows its ugly head again, T. Halley I have been really nice to you, but after that play calling mess you're now back on my hate you list. What the hell was that BEN, everytime I want to give you the M.V.P trophy you play a game like this, HOW? Do we not understand that the Dolphins BLOW?  It wouldn't be BEN with out some season DRAMA, how do you get surgery on a trip? The O. Line showed us that they again forget how to pass block and run block, the entire O. Line was GARBAGE!

This offense has way to many weapons, I think I can play QB and beat the Dolphins by 10! This not targeting A. Brown is killing me, why would we target this guy 4 times in a game? T. Halley, you have to get him the ball and target him ATLEAST 15 times a game, I don't care who is covering him, HE CAN'T BE STOPPED!  The Dolphins played a cover 2 with PRESS ON AB.. Are you freaking kidding me? You Man Up press on mr. Electric, if I was the QB and seen this coverage on AB, I would just start smiling and looking right at AB..

A slant, A post hell even a curl to AB is deadly, but for some reason we are not allowed to pass to AB.. We instead pass to a broken hand S. Coates... WHY???  ITS MAN UP PRESS COVERAGE.. MY GOD!  L. Bell in motion out of the backfield is a complete MISS MATCH, we used it 3 times.. The Dolphins must of thought T. Halley was playing for them. The ONLY WAY YOU STOP AB AND L. BELL IS TO NOT PASS TO THEM.

We are now 2-14 against teams on the road that we are favorite by 7 or more in, DID YOU HEAR ME?  2-14!  This is INSANE! Now we have a QB injury, BEN out yet again.. And you want to extend the regular season to 18 games, We can't even keep our QB for a full 16 game season. Why is it that everytime we start loosing we seem to forget how to PUNT! Or TACKLE...

The defense was a nightmare, you let a no name RB gash your faces off, a Steeler team is a run topping defense, we can't stop the pass for the last 4 years but we always stop the run game, NOT TODAY! our def line was a joke, NO PRESURE AT ALL, we don't blitz and we play 8 yards off WRS when its 3rd and 3. We stay in a cover 3 with our LBS playing in a short zone, WHO THE HELL ARE THEY GARDING? The LBS have to play to stop the RUN, the Dolphins have no PASSING GAME!

Looks like L. Jones gets the start against the BIG BAD PATRIOTS, you know they will be out for BLOOD, Our offense is still amazing even with L. JONES, just tell his ass to PASS THE DAMN BALL TO A. BROWN. Anytime he gets scared or in trouble, TOSS IT TO L. BELL. Its that easy. The Patriots defense is a wide 9 cover 2, they bring presure with a CB, they sit back and let you dink and dunk them.. With L. BELL this will KILL THEM.

I hate loosing to garbage teams, I Hate that we always seem to have 2,000 injuries, I Hate that I fell like the players in todays game have NO HEART and get paid WAYYYYYYYYYYY TO MUCH!  The old days with guys like J. Green, J. Ham, M. Blunt, J. Lambert would call out the defense on the sideline, hell, J. LAMBERT WOULD START KICKING SOME ASSES! Todays NFL is so much weaker then yesturdays.

As far as the DBS, OMG, where do I start?  Its good to see that everyone of them had completly BAD GAMES, M. Mitchele converted back to his old self with 2 P/F and miss tackling everywhere, L. Timmons I will give a pass to.. This guy looked like he was playing sick, did you not se him barf on the field. The LBS played scared to death, the Dolphins O. Line was bitch smacking them.. And they TOOK IT!

Anyways, I can't get that game outa my head fast enough, it was a pathetic game, we have to regroup and come out like insane sharks at home Sunday against THE Patriots, Brady is on a mission and as you all know, THEY OWN US! We must focus on ball controll and long drives, keep Brady on the bench and WE MUST SCORE, get the ball to L. BELL and A. BROWN. ALL DAMN GAME. Bellicheck will try and double or tripple cover AB so that will leave L. BELL one on one with a LB, or J. James Wide open.  Hey DB'S can you play PRESS ON GRONK or he will eat you!

Anyways, Lets look at the GOOD:

#1. The weather was nice.

The BAD:

#1. BEN, dude was in shock.

#2. T. Halley play calling, this was a joke all game, no halftime adjustments AT ALL!

#3. M. TOMLIN, this loosing to garbage now follows him. I get scared when we face the 0-11 CLOWNS!

#4. The ENTIRE OFFENSE! Except AB & L. BELL they didn't even get targeted.

#5. K. BUTLER, dude, for the love of god, can we BLITZ.. I would rather get beat with blitzing then in a cover 3.

#6. I Could Keep On Going!!!!


#1. M. MITCHELE, dude converted back to punk playing.

#2. The ENTIRE DB'S, is it just me or is W. Gay look 100 years old this year.

#.3 The BEN INJURY, Looks Like He Hates The M.V.P Trophy.

#4. You Get The Point!


As you can see I tell you the truth, I praise a guy when he plays hard and with heart, I tell you what I see on the field, I don't lie and I always try my best not to get to over heated, I love my Steelers till I DIE, but when the teams chokes a GIANT WIN AWAY, I get ANGERED! Everyone lost in our divission so all is not as bad as it seems. A lot of you Steeler fans will tell me to hush up its just one bad game, NO IT'S 2 BAD GAMES SO FAR, we could of taken a nice 2 game lead in our divission, instead it's still just one. With the PATRIOTS, RAVENS And DALLAS up Next.. This could go bad or we can ALL MAN THE HELL UP AND PLAY STEELER FOOTBALL!



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