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The Steeler Machine Just Keeps On Rolling.... Crushing The Jets 31-13!

This is now starting to get fun, we all knew this Steeler offense would be explosive, but when you get solid defense o go along with it, this could be a special year... Can you say #7?  It always good to see a team that looked a bit flat in the first half, just flip the switch and explode in the second half. The defense in the first half started playing that dreeded cover 3 zone again, allowing Fitzpatric..A.K.A Interception king to move the ball down field. The defense tightend up in the red zone just giving up a few FGS.

Sammy Coates was outstanding and kinda made me hate him all in one game, the drops were drive killers, but, give the kid credit, he put the drops behind him and had a great game. I love when people say Ben is not an elite QB, I just laugh and laugh at them, Ben is not olny an elite QB he is this years M.V.P. You heard it right here first. M.V.P.  Ben is playing out of his mind, making awesome passes and not forcing it into anyone. What about the best RB in the NFL, L. Bell is just amazing, dude can do everything, love him in the slot, I wish we could get a close up of the face of the defender who has to try and gaurd him, can you imagine his face and the sweat pouring

A. Brown was doing his thing, not sure why the NFL hates this kid, made him take off the Ali cleats and must of said no dancing or you get fined, come on NFL, look around the league, other WRS are dancing all over the place, it's total BS.. A. Brown is electric and want's the ball on every play, if it was me calling the plays, he would get 15 targets per game easy.

The secondary was solid in the 2nd half, they came up and started pressing the WRS and it took longer for Fitz to find them, The LBS are playing great, can we please get some props for my man L. Timmons, this dude is a tackling machine, the hit he put on Fitz hurt   The def line was solid, but the loss of Heyward was a huge loss, lets all hope its not a big deal. This guy is awesome!

The special teams play by H. Bay is outstanding, he must love to tackle, the punting is great, the only blunder was the fake, me NO but everything on the day was great, Tomlin is coaching like he has one goal in mind.. A superbowl. The entire coaching staff is got this crew playing some awesome football right now. Even T. Halleys play calling is looking good, well....Except that 3rd and 15 draw play.  We all love the deep bombs, but i gota say, the dump off to L. Bell is just magical, when ever Ben is in trouble, just toss it to L. Bell for 10, 15, 25..  lol

All in all it was a great day in the Burgh, the defense needs more work, but this offense is insane, seems like the only way they get stopped is by them running a goofy play or penaltys.  How fun is it to watch them damn RATSHITS fall again, the Bungholes get smacked and we don't even talk about that garbage in Cleveland.  This is starting to look great, OOOO, wait.. how many of you are sick of the Brady shit, yeah, he crushed in his first game back, but come on was the damn CLOWNS..  lol

Lets check out the GOOD:

#1. B. Rothlisburger, dude is playing M.V.P BALL.

#2. S. Coates, dude is starting to show he can be a solid #2 WR.

#3. L. Bell, dude is the best back in the NFL, could be the best back in Pittsburgh EVER!

#4. A. Brown, eletric, even on a normal day.

#5. J. James, im starting not to miss Heath..

#6. O' Line, this group is killing people.

The BAD:

#1. The Fake Punt.. what the

#2. The Announcers, wow did they blow.


#1. Heywards Injury, hope and pray this is just a minor injurie.

#2, The Fake Punt agin.. lol

#3. The Jets Coaching, not going for it 4th and 2 and punting to this insane offense. GAME OVER!


As we look forward to next week's win over the Dolphins, Can we just show up in the first half and put 30 up so Ben can rest up. This is no match for the Steelers, this one could get UGLY.  prediction is 42-17.  Steeler. Yeah, i'm confident, it's the damn DOLPHINS! They should of lost to the JV CLOWNS.



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