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WOW..... REDEMPTION SUNDAY IN THE BOOKS... 43-14 Blasting Of The Chiefs.

First off, lets not get to crazy about this win...wait.... LETS DO GET EXCITED ABOUT THIS  The Chiefs run the same offense that the Eagle run with the dump offs and screens and if I recall, the steeler defense couldn't stop it. On this night the Steeler defense came to show the world they can stop it. From the opening drive, the steeler offense was on FIRE, those of you that wanted L. Bell gone, where you at now, yeah, I hate when a star has drug problems, but I think weed is legal in half our states right? lol

L. Bell is the best back in the NFL, he makes it look easy and his running style is so smooth, this kid has to be signed now, suspentions or not, you can't let this kid go, work with him and his problems. Ben was on fire all damn night, it's great to see him shut up the critics, his game was near perfection, when he see's K.C defense in a zone or man to man, his eyes must light up as he looks to  Outstanding game by Ben. A. Brown was his electric self, he did seem to be mad in the 3rd and 4th qt tho, I know he wants every pass, but AB, you have to share bro.. lol.. Wheeton redeemed himself but one kid that is started to show some mad game is S. Coates, this kid can fly and go get balls deep.

Every aspect of the game was dominated by the Steelers, they came out and took it to the Chiefs all night long, the defense was sharp even with the injuries, the LB'S were killing people, Timmons is an M.V.P player, V. Williams was a man possesed with 15 tackles in place of R. Shazier.  A. Moates had some nice presures. Old man J. Harrison was killing their O. Line he looked 27  The secondary was impresive, J. Dangerfield was sticking to the WRS like glue, A. Burns will be a star, I have to give mad props to M. Mitchele dude was killing guys over the middle. The Defensive line play was out standing all night, Hargrove, Tuit and the monster Heyward were creating damage in the screen game.

Hats off to Tomlin he had these guys ready to kill something, J. Peezy still cracks me up in the defenseive pre game huddle, got to love J. Peezy, K. Butler didn't sit back in a zone or cover 3 all night, he added some safty blitzes along with crazy cool stunts and had CBS up on WRS. The fans were watching a blood bath, when they switched to the K.C sidelines, you could see a team that wanted outa there, A, Reed was even crossing his eyes all night long.

The play calling from T. Halley was on point, I kill hime when it's weird, but tonight he was on top of it and even used the T. End tonight, we did a few screens and hit a few slants. It was awesome. As far as the punting and special teams, Boswell was outstanding and H.Bay was a killer on the punt teams. Everything was great, I would of loved to get that shutout, but the win is fine with me.

Lets check out the GOOD:

#1. B. Rothlisburger, dude was a passing machine, 5 TDS

#2. L. Bell, dude is off for 3 weeks and comes in to get 175 yards like its nothing..

#3. A. Brown, dude is always electric.

#4. The ENTIRE DEFENSE, outstanding tackling and coverage.

#5. The ENTIRE COACHING STAFF, Tomlim was fired up as was Halley, Peezy, Lake, Butler

#6. The O.Line, did you see Pouncy running downfield on that L. Bell run. OMG!

#7. B.J Fenny, dude's story was so cool and he dominated... LOVED IT!

#8. The LBS, this group has to get props.


#1. The Rain, what else can I


#1. C. Collinsworth, he talks about stuff that makes no sense..

Game Balls:  Ben, L. Bell, A. Brown, L. Timmons, M. Mitchele, B.J Fenny, Tomlin, S. Coates, V. Williams, Heyward,

All in all it was a beat down, we got beat down and now we returned the favor, the Ratshits lost and that made me happy, is it just me or can you NOT WAIT TO PLAY THEM this year. I Can't Wait!  It was agreat night in the Burgh and REDEMTION SUNDAY was completed. Next up is the N.Y. Jets, this one should be very interesting for our defense backs, R. Fitzpatric is a PICK MACHINE, just stop the run game and let him pass.



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