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WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT...? 34-3 loss to Eagles?

WOW, can you say STINK IT UP, this game was a complete waste of time unless you are a Philly fan. The Steelers got took out back behind the shed and got beaten to submission, never in my wieldest drems did I see this coming. I thought this offense was a machine, I thought no one could get to Ben and who in the world could stop us in the 5 wide spread offense, looks like someone forgot to tell the Eagles to lay down for this game.

It started off great as we moved right down the field, then wheeton drops a td in his belly, ok settle for a damn fg, wait.... it was blocked! are you kidding me?  No problem, we will pay solid defense again, you know like we did for game #1 & #2.. not today as the eagles go down and hit a TD in the slot, I thought that was our play? lol...  Anyways, still ok we have to give up a few passing tds sooner or later, get the ball back to this offensive machine... WAIT... 3 and out is back? RUN, RUN pass is back? NOOOOOOOO TOD HALEY, PLEASE GOD NOOOOOO!

13-3 at halftime and we are getting screened to death, a 4 yard screen break 2 tackles gets 11 and 14 and 20 and now it gets them a 75 yarder and now the blow out is on. Steelers defense had ZERO ADJUSTMENTS and just sat back in a cover 2 zone. They did what ever they wanted and scored what they wanted, I even think we begged them to end the game.

I was in a state of shock, I thought this year we would never have our yearly let down game as we seem to do under Tomlin, but sure enough it was a let down and a complete BLOW OUT! I know a few of you are saying it's just one game, chill out... But i'm starting to see a patern with this defense and I'm scared now, we can't get to the QB at all, we play 10 to 12 yards off wrs, we can't stop a screen, that we seen 23 times, our LBS are getting hurt every other play..SHAZIER, TIMMONS and besides old man Harrison we have ZERO PASS RUSH!

Another problem I see is the play calling, I know, I promiced to not bring it up since Ben and Halley have awesome stats last 2 seasons, but, why are we not allowed to dump it off to a wide open RB D.williams out of the backfield? Why do we never call a screen, why so many bubble wr screens, why no slants to WRS, why no look for the Tight ends and Why is the offensive line on roller scates? Did they think they were blocking The 76 steelers def line? The Eagles are not that good, I know they are 3-0 but com on man.. No way a ROOKIE QB AND ROOKIE HEAD COACH beat us like bums!

At the start of this season, I thought the defense would be avg and the offense would score at will and thats how we would win a ton of games, I never thought I would see this offense play this bad, now this game play is in my head, we can win by 30 every game from now on and I will always remember this team can have that STINKFEST GAME at any time. They showed us!  Atleast AB came to play, I think Philly just played a bit softer up by 20 and us showing no sign of scoring again.

I don't even know what to say after that pathetic showing by a team I thought was a superbowl team, I will never turn on my team and have never turned on them, I post in forums all over facebook and never hide, but I gota say after that loss, I was kinda scared to show up. But you know I did, took this ass beating like a man. This team has to re-group and become a family and not over look ANY TEAM, this could be a good thing for the tem as the world was taking them to win the superbowl, maybe now they can be focused on the next team and not get BIG HEADS on paper clippings.


#1. A. BROWN, He did what he does.

The BAD:

#1. The COACHES, to have a team come out with no heart is driving me crazy. It's a Tomlim Trate now.

#2. THE O. LINE, was we at a rollor skating party. My god!

#3. The ENTIRE DEFESE, This was a pathetic showing by everyone!

#4. Play CALLING, we converted back to run, run pass again and bubble passes.

#5. M. WHEETON, I know he has been out a while, but do you forget how to catch EVERY PASS?

#6. B. ROTHLESBURGER, he looked scared in the pocket as if JOE GREEN AND LAMBERT were after him.

#7. THE ENTIRE TEAM, worse loss since 1989 at least then we had 8 turn overs.


#1. TOMLIN, never made a single adjustment to stop a damn screen pass. play some man to man and spy RBS.

#2. T. HALLEY, play calling stunk.

#3. K. BUTLER, his defense has no pass rush, so he plays a cover 3 zone all damn day.

#4. PHILLY FAN, this fan base is pure shit, no respect and the first to split the game if it was the other way around.

#5. I Could go on and on......

In closing, we now have major injuries and I hope Tomlin is killing these guys, I would not except my paychech for this game if I was a player. Lets hope we can some how get presure on the QBS and maybe BLITZ a few times PLEASE>>>>>>>I'm crying for a blitz....

Next up it's a Sundaynight BLOODBATH, the Chiefs use the screen more then anyone in the NFL, if we can't stop the screen, we are in trouble, lets put this game in the garbage and pray we never see this play again this year. Can you imagine if this was the superbowl game? Hats off to Philly Eagles they showed up and beat are asses, but lets not get to excited or lose our minds over this win. You guys will have bad games soon.

Next week it's time for PAY BACK, someone has to take this taste out of my mouth, I need a beat down with energy, passion and NASTY NESS, the fans will be ready for BLOOD and the sharkfest will be at HINES FIELD! "HERE WE GO" 



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