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Another big win by the Steelers in week #2 over the BUNGHOLES, 24-16!

This game started out as a quiet freindly one, I don'y know about you, but I kept waiting for a fight or some pushing or even maybe some smack talking to start. It never did, this was kind of a basic game, what happend? Did the refs really take control of this game or was everyone feeling friendly today? lol

Hey Bengals fans, please stop blowing up my email box with how we paid the refs off with that knee down call, yes, he was down, but no it was not clear on the replay, not to mention the 3 junk calls we got with pass interf on our DB'S, AB was mugged in the endzone and a no call, why not cry about those calls?  O, wait... you just see the ones against you guys! lololol..STOP IT, we have so many bad calls on us its insane!

As far as the game, it was a down pour and seemed like Ben was a bit high on his passes, the pick by pacman was not Ben at all, believe it or not it was AB who turned the wrong way, Ben will never put AB under the bus tho. The 2nd pick by Ben was just a bad pass, S. Coats was wide open past the DB by 2 yards, under thrown pick. Did I mention it was raining like

Before I forget, we have to give some big props to the new HEATHHHHHH... I mean new T. End The outlaw J. James, this kid is blocking, catching, sealing the edge and yes, CATCHING TDS! Gota say, I'm surprised he is this good this fast.

I'm not sure what D. Williams is drinking or smoking, but what ever it is... KEEP DOING IT, this cat is a great runner and just looks like he never takes a hard hit, his nick name should be SLIVER.. I can say the same thing about William Gay, he played a great game and he to is an old guy.. The wildest thing in this game was the play calling by T. Haley, I don't want to start killing him, because he has been on fire, but to not target AB 15 timesa game is just plain stupid. I guees the only way a defense can stop AB is T. Haley's play calling.. lol.. I know, that was

The Defense was damn good, not sure why we are not allowed to blitz any more tho, I love the cover 3 and the speed of the LB core but to let teams go underneith all day is strange, they did kill us with a few screens, but AJ Green was non factor. R. Cockrell shadowed him all day and took him out of the game, gota give props to all the DB'S if not for that dump off for the TD it was a lockdown.

What can you say about R. Shazier, this dude is a freak, his speed is awesome and he tackles everyone, L. Timmons is playing outstanding football, The entire defensive line is OUTSTANDING, they don't get sacks, but they damn sure blow up the run game. As I said the DB'S played solid and in general were hitting everyone. Dare we say the defense is great yet? lol

The O. LINE was solid, but i think alot of the run game has to go to D. Williams just finding holes on his own, the Bengals defense did play 8 man box and 50% of the time left one on one with AB. Can I get a hell yeah for Boswell, I hate punters and kickers but his punting was outstanding all game. All in All it was a solid game by the entire team, a bit nice at times, like when their LB'S helped up D. Williams, very strange

Anyways, lets hit up.....


#1. D. WILLIAMS, can we please check his birth certificate, this dude can't be past 28.

#2. K. BUTLER, his defense is solid without blitzing...

#3. ENTIRE DEFENSE, playing solid in cover 3.

#4. R. COCKRELL, Covered AJ Green all damn day. Can you say 2 catches..?

#5. BOSWELL, his punting and the coverage was outstanding!

#6. J. JAMES, he seems to know what he is doing, dare I say looks like a younger faster.....HEATHHHHHHHHH

The BAD:

#1. T. Haley, his offense was so basic, run, run, pass..No screens, no slants and not near enough targets to AB!

#2. The Rain


#1. THE BUNHOLE FANS, always seem to cry about every call.. face it you BLOW!

#2. The REFS, bad calls all over the place, P.I's on us was so goofy, and yes, on the Bengals as well.

#3. The BUNGHOLE FANS, for not paying up on their bets to Steeler Fans. lol.. I come to expect that from JUNK FANS! lol


It was a solid win for my Steelers, I kinda wished it was more nasty and would of loved to see some more fight from us, but, if you think about it, the refs prob would of had even more bad calls. From the looks of this game, it doesnt fel like a Steelers vs Ravens game and it was way to nice for me. If all you wanted was the WIN, well, you got it. As for me I need nastyness, anger and love it when the team is killing people.

Next week its the Eagles, excuse me while I laugh.. NOWAY ON EARTH Does the Eagles defense stop this offense, take that to the bank! If our defense can mix in a few more blitzs and play more and more cover 3 and LEAVE TIMMONS ON THE DAMN FIELD ON 3rd DOWNS, we will be looking for #7 SB!

See you all next week!  "HERE WE GO"



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