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Back To Football Steelers vs Redskins 38-16 win...

Welcome back everyone, how bad did you miss football... Let's kick this off with props to our entire offensive line, I'v been saying all off season that this O.Line will be the best line we have ever seen in Pittsburgh, yeah, I know the line that won the 4 superbowls was great too, but this O,Line can pass block, run block, trap and pull.. Did you see the way this line punished the skins defense.. WOW! Very impressed with this group!

Next up let's just put this out here, I been a Steeer football fan for over 47 years and I have NEVER EVER seen a better WR then Mr. Electric AB #84, this guy is un coverable, I don't care if you double or even tripple him, he will get open and the dude just wont drop a pass. His nickname should be GLUE, the balls just stick to him.. lol..  The entire game was just awesome, it's hard to find anything bad about it, The defense was outstanding, Jessey James looked like Dare I say It, Heathhhhhh..  What in the world does Deangelo Williams do to be old and this damn good, this dude was the best FA pick up in our history..

I can go on and on about this guy or that guy! Ben is always Ben, dude has got to love this O.Line did he even get dirty? WOW, if he has this kind of time, just give him the M.V.P right now, his only comp will be Mr. Electric AB! lol

Ok, here we go THE GOOD:

#1. D. Williams, ran like he wants to take Bell's

#2 A. Brown, this guy is the best WR in the NFL, at this rate he could be the best WR I EVER SEEN!

#3. B. Rothlisburger, just a machine and the general.

#4. The entire O .LINE.. I waited 47 years to have the best line in football, looks like I got one now!

#5. The LB'S, Solid Tackling, Great Presure without blitzing, outstanding!

#6. The ENTIRE Coaching staff, we kill them for coming out flat in games, these boys came to KILL IT!

The BAD:

#1, The DEF LINE, don't get me wrong, I love this group, but I have to see more presure.

#2. CB M. Mitchele, made some plays, but still gets lost on deep post by WR'S.

#3. The Monday Night Crew, maybe it will take time, but the announcers were bore fests.


#1. I'm thinking..... Still Thinking...... HMMMMM, First time in 3 years of doing this.. Wiat... Got one, The injurie to LB R. Shazier. He is a solid LB, but he does get hurt a ton.


All in all, I was so impressed with this team. yeah, I know it was just the Redskins, but, didnt they win their division last year and wasn't Cousins the talk of the town? The Skins Defense is very weak, not saying that is why this offense blew them up, but we shall get a nice test at home next week vs those damn BUNGHOLES!

I'm so sick of BUNGHOLE fans talking smack, just be ready for war and an ASS-BEATING!

Don't forget to check out The GFsix Show & STEELERTALK as we talk some more steeler football..  Enjoy this great win!

See you next week!


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