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The Ride Comes To An End In Denver For The Steelers...

Lets just first say, thanks to the team for the fun ride, I don't know about you but I had a blast all damn year, we had some ups like beating them BUNGHOLES and taking it to the Colts & Cardinals, we had some bad times like loosing 2 times to them RATSHITS. All in all it was a great season, take into it all the injuries, like POUNCY, L. BELL, A. BROWN, D. WILLIAMS, K. BEECHUM, B. ROTHLISBURGER, lets not forget about 4 game suspension to M. BRYANT & the BEN stuff all year long.

One thing for sure is even with all the injuries this team showed up in Denver looking to win it, M. Tomlin had them ready and willing to do it, the defense was on fire and I must say has been improving all year long, guys are coming together, the offense was without MR. ELECTRIC A. Brown, that was a huge hit, M. Bryant picked up some of the slack, and S. Coates was a nice surprise, but it felt like M. Wheeton and H. Miller were non factors in this game. 3rd downs were bad and you know that if A. Brown played it would of moved the chains. Wheeton on punt returns turned out to be a mess, I'm not blaiming him for the loss but him along with the punting game was a nightmare, they never helped us out.

The fumble was the end, but again you can't blaim F. Tussant because he is why we got here, yeah, I know the fumble cost the game, but if the special teams could of changed field position just once or twice, the steelers would of been in business. The Denver defense was supposed to be the best in the NFL, looked to me that our defense out played them. Hats off to the Bronco's, they made a few more plays then we did, they are a class team, not like them pathetic Bengals.

Ben is now my favorite QB of all time, he is now up on my hall of fame wall, this guy played with a trashed shoulder and has been hurt all year long, he just seemed a little out of gas, he missed a few wide open H. Miller that would of moved the chains, but I'm not going to say anything about BEN.. Love that dude.  He has heart and is a gamer..

M. Bryant had a great game and a great season, this kid will be in the trio with us for a long time, Him, Ben and AB will light it up, then you add in L. Bell and this team is a power house. We will even add in M. Pouncy and D. Williams and its a bad-ass team. The defense has come a long way, but still needs a few real corners and maybe a TALL ONE please... The LB'S are super fast, W. Allen & W. Gay played very good all year I would say keep both, Cockrun showed he can cover, M. Mitchele has shown some great improvment and J. Jones may not be a bust after all. Keep DEBO one more year, he is a freak. B. Dupree was solid in his rookie year. The DEFENSIVE LINE Of HEYWORD, TUIT AND THOMAS WAS AWESOME! This grop will be insane next year.

The offense will be in full attack mode, it all stays the same. I would love to see S. Coates get a shot in the slot, Wheeton is solid but Coates looks like a star.. The Punter will be replaced, he killed us a few games, special teams needs a few speed guys and needs to be more hard hitting. The guy who I think made the team so much better was C. BOSWELL, this kid made every kick, he was automatic. I liked Sweezum, but why not save money and keep Boswell.

A major stand out was A. Brown, this dude is so damn good, he can beat any coverage and never seems to drop a pass, this kid is the fastest guy to ever get on my wall of fame, an amazing kid with an amazing work effort all around class kid. Another one is R. Shazire, this kid just needs to stay on the field, he is super fast and makes big plays, maybe work him out with DEBO in the off season.

Lets take a look at the GOOD, BAD & UGLY for this game:


#1. B. ROTHLISBURGER, dude is a gamer, love this guy.

#2. M. Bryant, played a hell of a game.

#3. C. Boswell, clutch, never misses a fg.

#4. K. Butler, this coach took heat all year, but got better and better all year.

#5. M. Tomlin, never quits, made a few blunders, but I would live and die with him.

#6. THE DEFENSE, this group got killed every week, it's time for us to tell them good job.

The BAD:

#1. J. BERRY, this guys punting was scary.

#2. The REFS, missed a few calls, but they missed a few for them too.

#3. F. TUSANT, the fumble killed us.


#1. J. BERRY


#3. The Payton Slide, then gets up and passes 35 yards.. WTF!



I can't even wait to see this team next year, with all the B'S and the new CBS and the defense with a year under thier belts, look at this line up:  BEN, AB, BRYANT, MILLER, WHEETON, L.BELL, AND THE FULL O LINE. D. WiLLIAMS AND COATES IN BACK UP ROLES...OMG!

Steelernation you can keep your head up high and take all the bashing from other teams, but just remember we WILL GET THE LAST LAUGH, this team if all healthy can win 2,3,4 SUPERBOWLS. It's a solid core and has so much speed, Ben is still great, L. BELL is the best RB in the NFL, AB is the best WR in the NFL and M. BRYANT Is A Star.

It's been a fun ass ride, it's been fun talking steelers on the radio show as well as on this forum, it don't end, we will see you in AUGUST and do it all over again... This time we willbeat the RATSHITS BOTH GAMES AND BOTH BY 25! GOD I HATE THEM, but hey, we have a new HATE... Don't forget THE BUNGHOLES.. WOW... I'm Pumped Up NOW!!!  lolol

Thanks to all you guys and gals for a great year!  See you in 2016!  NEVER GIVE UP!!!  "DO WHAT WE DO" "HERE WE GO"  and GOOOOOOO STEELERS!


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