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The Heart Of A Champion...

WOW, just when you think you seen it all in the NFL, they hit you with a Steelers vs Bengals wildcard playoff game. This game was just plain NASTY, lets be real, the Bengals players are now DIRTBAG PUNKS. They tried to beat us up, we laughed, they then tried to thug us up, we again laughed at them. We are the PITTSBURGH STEELERS, we never EVER back down or quit.

If you still think Ben is a regular dude, you have got to be NUTS, this dude is a MONSTER WITH A GAMERS HEART, this guy has been beat up all damn year and never did he once say I CAN'T PLAY.. When this guy can't play, he must be in some major pain because he has come back from Knee sprains, Ankle Sprains, The Flu, Concusions and now its a shoulder sprain, are you kidding me..He once again showed his BAD ASS TOUGHNESS when he came back on the damn field when any other QB would of stayed in the locker room. I LOVE THIS GUY, not just because I'm a Steelers Fan but because this guy HAS A GIANT HEART. This is why he is my ALL TIME FAVORITE QB, dude never gets flags like Brady or Payton, takes cheap ass shots every game and just keeps on coming back.

Lets take a look at the game, one that I thought was played hard but did have a ton of THUG SHOTS, V. BURFECT is a criminal this dude plays dirty all game and gets warned over and over and never gets ejected, wonder what would of happend if DEBO made a few of his dirty hits. I say ejection! The Bengals should be embarresed the team, the nasty fans and the coaches, the fans cheering a guy after an injury then tossing shit at him on the cart, wow, Bengal Fans you guys are just plain JUNK!

A. Brown gets one of V. Burfects cheap ass hits, to bad we are not back in the 70's because I can see J. GREEN or J. LAMBERT coming on the field and just bitch slapping that dude into next week, instead we allowed this Thug Punk to hit our guy like that... Thank god J. PEEZEE got in the faces of them PUNKS. All we hear from cry baby Bengal Fans is how they gave us the game, let me remind you we DOMINATED YOUR ASSES FOR 3 QTS, until the refs gave you that FREE 55 yard Pass Inf Call, then that FREE TD. If our offense could just get a TD instead of FGS this game was WAY OVER!

You cry that you had bad calls, the Steelers had 145 yards on 13 flags you goofs, all you got was warnings, they gave you everything to get you back in the game FREE.. Atleast the world seen just what a PATHETIC NFL TEAM YOU really are and also seen your PATHETIC FAN BASE!

The Steelers Defense was off the charts,  I was impressed by the DBS, W. Gay needs to be re-signed he played lights out, the LBS were the best I seen all year, J. Jones was making plays, B. Depree was a machine, L. Timmons was killing people but one LB was INSANE and it was R. SHAZIER, dude was making play after play and was the M.V.P of the game.

The Defensive line was killing there run game and getting to the Bengals QB all damn night, A.J. Green was shut down, there run game was not a factor at all, T. Elfert who always kills us, was held in check. Amazing job by a defense that has been taking a beating all year long. HATS OFF TO K. BUTLER on his game plan.

The offense was slow and didnt dictate what it is WE DO, not sure why we just don't hit them with any play action, we were running the ball solid but never tried to play action pass it, not sure how a cover 2 can stop A. BROWN on a drag or slant pass, O wait.... We never ran any.. Lets not forget the play of the year, that catch by M. BRYANT was AWESOME, Ben's message to him must of worked, M. Wheeton had an amazing catch on that 3rd and 12 when he got blasted but held on... A. Brown was doubled all game, but that didnt stop him, we all know he is the best in the NFL.  What about that pancake block by Decastro on BURFECT, O.M.G that pancake was 10 yards downfield and was a SMASH...LOVED IT!

The kicker, Boswel did a perfect job on kick offs, FGS, dude only had one short kick off, this kid is a keeper for sure, M. Tomlin was in BEAST MODE, dude was all in on any kind of fight they wanted to offer us, M. Munchuk was even in on anything, J. PEEZEE was ready to suit up, note to CRACKMAN JONES, if there is one dude you never want to mess with, IT'S J. PEEZEE this dude will KILL YOU!

All In All it was a classic game that now has maybe opened up a new rivalry, we all hate the RAVENS more then the devil, but are you kinda feeling some nasty hate twords the BUNGHOLES.. I sure am, i was loosing my mind watching that game, when Ben went out I was dead, just hoping he would came back, then when he shot back out MY HEART WAS INSANE, that was a moment of CHAMPIONS. M. Tomlin looked like a guy who just wanted it, when we got the fumble, he looked to BEN and said you got this, YOU KNOW BEN SAID FUCK YEAH I DO! LOVED ITTTTTTT!

Hats of to the run game, F. Toussant and J. Todman did one hell of a job for us, it's good to know you guys are solid guys, if we can get movement in Denver like this game, we will be winning that one for sure. D. Williams should be back and hopefully Ben and AB are all set, this will be a magic game.

Lets take a look at the games good, bad & ugly:


#1. BENS HEART, love this dude for life.

#2. THE DEFENSE, every damn player balled out.

#3. R. SHAZIER, dude is a superstar just get bigger.

#4. K. BUTLER, great ass game plan.

#5. THE O.LINE, pancakes for everyone. LOVED IT!

#6. C. BOSWEL, dude is now clutch.

#7. F. TOUSSANT, ran hard.

#8. J. TODMAN, ran hard.

#9. ALL WRS, all had big games, that M. BRYANT catch was insane.


#1. V. BURFECT, a complete THUG PUNK.

#2. P. JONES, a cryin bitch

#3. M. LEWIS, no control of his thugs at all.

#4. THE BENGAL FANS, not all of you just the sick bitches that cheered an injured guy and tossed cans at him. PATHETIC FAN BASE.

#5. THE GAME ANNOUNCERS, my god do they suck bad.


#1. THE REFS, for giving warnings after warnings to a THUG.

#2. V. BURFECT, is he the new T. SUGGS.

#3. V. BURFECT, for being a PUNK.

#4. V. BURFECT, for being a cry baby.



Never in my life did I ever have any problems with a game being so dirty, but now with the BUNGHOLE THUGS looks like I will have problems, hey BENGALS you're not the RAVENS, you will never match the rivalry, yeah, it gets a little nasty at times but its a RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER, at this point we hate you and there is NO RESPECT AT ALL FOR YOUR THUG ASSES, hell, Ravens fans make me sick but I like them, you BENGAL FANS make me SICK AND I HATE YOU!

Well, it's on to Denver and old grandpa Payton, I love Payton, but when my Steelers play him I HATE HIM, we need to have Ben And AB for this one, our defense has to contain E. Sanders and stop the run game, if we are going to lose i WANT PAYTON TO BE WHY, I don't think he can beat us without a run game. Our offense has to be explosive, we need TDS not FGS, we need to score first to shut up the croud, that is a tough place to play, but when been here before. ALL HANDS ON DECK... Lets GET THIS WIN BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't forget to check out this weeks GFSIX SHOW, we will hit up more on this BENGAL GAME and take a look at The Bronco's and what needs to be done to get a WIN.



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