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Who Seen This Loss Coming.... PATHETIC!!!

Well, I think we all can agree on one thing after that pathetic game we saw vs the Ravens, this Steelers team has not changed at all, we continue to lose to garbage  teams year after year. This has now become the normal for us, we are 4-11 against pure junk teams, this one against a 4th string QB who had NO WRS, NO RB and is dead last against the pass was prob the worst loss that I have seen in 48 years. This one hurts not only because it's against the Ravens, but also because it was a win and in for the playoffs.

Hate to say this, but it looks like the Ravens are not scared of us at all, they have nothing to play for and were using practice squad players with a QB that has been cut and then picked up 12 days ago. Is it me or do we make every QB in the NFL look all world, I think every QB has had 300 plus against this cover 2 zone, we don't blitz at all and we refuse to play press coverage on any WR as if they are all LYNN SWANNS. I can't for the life of me figure out why we continue to play a soft cover 2 zone and rush 3 linemen? Our LBS are in coverage against AIR, they never cover the T. Ends and now seem to have lost the Full backs..

What is the point to any game if you just come out flat and un interested, I know you players make millions and don't care, but its us the fans who have to live with this garbage all year long. Do we have more passion then you the players in todays game? You talk a good game and say all the correct things but when you show up against a 4-10 depleted ravens team who even gave you 12 flags and lay an EGG, it's just PATHETIC!

The playoffs on the line and the Ravens show passion and heart and my Steelers look like sissy girls who for some damn reason are scared to death of the ravens defense, did you guys notice Ben looking like a scared little boy out there, I love Ben but dude, It's not the 76 Steelers Defense after you its the 2015 ravens defense after you. MAN THE FUCK UP!

M. Tomlin is a great coach but to have a team just come out and think they will win is getting stupid, why would you not kick the FG on theopening drive, I don't mind going for it, but a play action pass would be automatic, the Ravens defense was looking for just a basic 8 yard deep handoff for a 1 yard play. The play calling now scared the hell out of me, we let a 4-10 team dictate what we will do, I understand they we ran at them and was killing them, but this offense is high powered passing attack, why not DO WHAT WE DO.. is that not what we say everyday in the BURGH?

Halley again showed us all why his play calling is garbage, lets take the opening drive, we ran all over them, it was easy and at that point on 2nd and 7 why not hit a play action pass or even on the 3rd down, we ran ran ran, then handed off 8 yrds deep to get 1 yard, why no QB SNEAK.. Brady does this every game, Is Ben scared? Again we see AB get double covered all game, at that point why not hit a SLANT to BRYANT OR WHEETON, this will do two things get yards easy and pull the safty up some, hit 3 or 4 of them slants and the coverage on AB is single again, then GO DEEP.

Are you telling me that that Ravens defense can cover us in the spread, ooooo Wait we didnt use the spread, another thing that shocked me to death, we run the no huddle spread in the 2nd half of the Denver game and exploded, so this week we come out in double T. Ends and run it..I'm so lost with T. Halley play calls, he never uses a full back to block, he uses our T. Ends for that? WHYYYYYY! Heath in the middle of the zone is 5 o 15 yards everytime, we made it simple for that BASIC COVER 2 To Look All World.

The defense we all know is GARBAGE and has been since 2013, all I can say is M. Tomlin you let TROY GO for this junk? The CBS are just playing 8 yards of the line and its 3rd and 4.. Thats a pitch and catch, why not play a little PRESS on the WRS, you did that in the 2nd half of the Denver Game! The LBS were beating like Ali did Frazer with the rope a dope all damn game, J. JONES IS A BUST, L. TIMMONS I love but this game he fell a sleep, R. Shazier looked like a little boy who just lost his candy bar, A. Motes was useless, the only bright spot on that defense in the D. LINE, I know you are going to say they didnt get any presure on a 4th string QB, let me tell you this, how can we get any presure when the QB is passing the ball in 1.7 seconds because his WRS are ALL OPEN..

As far as Ben, this is by far his worst game of his life, this guy seemed like he just got convicted for murder, he looked like he didnt want to play at all, did he look like he got paid off to you? I gota say it looked FIXED, you have AB and you use no DRAG ROUTES or SLANTS to this ELECTRIC DUDE? You still never use a screen pass ever, not sure what this offense wants to do. Forget take what the give you, DO WHAT WE DO is more like it, we dictate what we want to do, not the other way around.

With all this said, I'm sick to my head with this bullshit garbage pathetic showing by MY STEELERS, I tip my cap to the team I hate more then SATAN. The Ravens wanted to show everyone that they OWN US and now they do, 5-1 in the last 6 with 2 send homes, this rivalry is now one sided, they punched us in the face and we just took it.. That is not my Steelers, we battle and fight and find a way to beat this team.

Now we watch for other teams to help us get into the playoffs, the Bills must beat the Jets and we MUST beat yet another GARBAGE TEAM in the CLOWNS, will Manzel pass for 500 yards on this defense, he might and will this offense play dead again and get ready for golf season. The only thing that would be worse then a raven loss against backups is to see the Bills Win and the Steelers lose to the LOW LIFE BUM CLOWNS.


#1. D. WILLIAMS, this dude is so cool..wish we had 8 of him.

#2. A. BROWN, dude was open Ben just was to scared to use him.

The BAD:

#1. THE DEFENSE, garbage all year long.

#2. TACKLING, this team can't make tackles.

#3. B. ROTHLISBURGER, worse game I ever seen him play.


#1. THE PASSION, it just wasnt there, they didnt care at all.

#2. T. HALLEY, his play calls were PATHETIC!


#4. M. TOMLIN, for not kicking the opening FG.

#5. ANOTHER LOSS TO RAVENS, they now own us.

Please don't get me wrong, I will live and die with the STEELERS, i hate it when people say true fans stay on through wins or losses, All of us are true fans, we all live, eat and breathe steelers football, we also have to get mad and vent on GARBAGE, even in wins there are things that suck, but losses to the RAVENS KILL ALL OF US!

Game Balls:  D. WILLIAMS

Playoffs:   WE MUST BEAT THE CLOWNS, Jets Must LOSE, OR Denver MUST LOSE NEXT 2. This is all we have left in 2015 season. If We Can Get In, This Offense Could Still Drop 50 On ANYONE!  LETS GOOOOOOOOOO STEELERS!


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