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This Was The Game Of The damn Year...

This was one hell of a game, a game that seen two sides of a defense, one side in wich the steeler defense looked completely out matched and could do nothing at all right, Bronco's had it going bigtime, 8 fo 8 on 3rd downs, wide recievers running wide open everywhere and a back up qb slicing us up.. Then after halftime we seen a defense that could do no wrong, dominating in every way, 1 for 9 3rd downs, a whopping 42 yards of total offense and smashing heads everywhere.

The game was exciting and I bet a lot of Steelers fans were kicking themselves for giving up on the team in the first half, just remember, it's not a 30 minute game it's a 60 minute game. The team did come out flat and it kinda looked like a Cowher championship let down, but M. Tomlin and his coaching staff must of went crazy in the locker room at halftime, I even heard that J. Porter was pushing guys and screaming his head off at the team, then M. Tomlin crushed them and motivated them with a second half challenge, looks like the team responded don't you

The offense is now the best I ever seen in Pittsburgh, this crew is amazing, yeah the run game didn't do much, but down 17 you have to pass, play calling was the best I seen from T. Halley, the O.Line was a bit shakin, but all in all they kinda dominated and got better and better as the game went on. One thing for sure is this WR core is deadly, no one on earth can cover MR. ELECTRIC A.BROWN, this guy has made me say a statement I never thought I would ever say: A.BROWN IS THE BEST WR IN STEELERS HISTORY. PERIOD! I'm sorry L. SWAN, J. STALLWORTH, L. LIPPS, and even H. WARD.. A. BROWN IS A SUPERSTAR! Best I Ever Seen In Pittsburgh, if he keeps this up we might add his name to the J. Rice, R. Moss List.

Lets not forget about the other WR'S M. BRYANT, M. WHEETON were killing it all day, but one person that is the HEART AND SOUL of this team is the QB B. ROTHLISBURGER, he just makes it look easy now, yeah, he had a crazy pick that was a bad play and shocked the stadium and had everyone scraching thier heads, but the defense bailed him out. Lets not forget without BEN we don't go anyplace.

We heard all week about the Bronco defense and I kept telling people about this Steelers Offense, they said they were the best defense in the NFL, I replied the Steelers offense is the best in the NFL in 10 years, it's also the steelrs best offense I ever seen. This game was a huge win for the Steelers and for us, the STEELERNATION as it placed us in that 6th seed wildcard spot, with 2 games left there is a chance we could grab the division title if the Bungholes lose 2 and we win out. For now lets just get ready to lay an all time ass beating down on them dirty stinkin rotten RATSHIT RAVENS, I can't wait to play this team, all the talking they do with their 55 fans... HAHAHAHA!  Can you say BLOW OUT!

Lets also look at the #5 seed, that seed is now the K.C Chiefs, If we win out and they lose once in the next 2, the Steelers will grab the #5th seed wich means The Steelers would play at the Texans or The Colts in the wildcard. I really like the #5 seed. If the Bungals lose next 2 and we win out the Steelers would grab the #3 seed and play at HOME vs the #6 seed.  I know, I Know, lets just win the next game and let it all fall into place. One last thing, If the Steelers Lose one and the Jets win out and K.C wins out we will be at home playing golf. So note to the STEELERS... NO LET DOWNS AGAINST THE RATSHITS OR THE CLOWNS. Just Win The Games.

Ok, with all that said lets do the GOOD, BAD & UGLY for this game:


#1. A. BROWN, dude is on my hall of fame way and is now in my top 5 ALL TIME STEELERS.

#2. B. ROTHLISBURGER, who in the world would say he is not an elite

#3. M. BRYANT, dude grabs 10 catches and we don't even say anything.

#4. M. TOMLIN, dude is now even with Cowher as my #2 favorite coach.

#5. The Entire O.LINE, 55 pass attemps, just 3 sacks and Bronco's Defense has top flight pass rushers.

#6. THE 2nd HALF DEFENSE, if we can get this group to play like this, it's SB-50 no dout.

#7. T. HALLEY, best game play calling he had.

#8. J. PORTER, dude went crazy at halftime, he even pushed J. HARRISON


#1. THE FIRST HALF DEFENSE, that was so bad, scared me to death.

#2. A. BLAKE, dude is killing me with his 15 yards off wr play. CAN WE JUST LET B.BOIKIN PLAY...PLEASE.

#3. BENS PICK LATE, did he just have a mind fart..


#1. THE FIRST HALF DEF LINE, getting man handled.


#3. THE FIRST HALF DEF LBS, never in my life did i see all our lbs look scared.



Let's face it, ask any other team in the NFL who they DO NOT WANT TO FACE and I bet they all say one team, THE STEELERS. This teams offense can score 50 on any team at anytime. We might give up some points, but all we have to do is OUTSCORE THE OTHER TEAM. A. BROWN A.K.A. MR. ELECTRIC is a game changer, this kid is a major weapon that no cb can stop, if you double or tripple team him, then M. Wheeton will kill you. Lets not forget about H. Miller or D. Williams either.  The spread offense is a well oiled machine.

Hey RATSHI RAVENS, OMG, I Can't Wait To Lay 50 On Your Asses!



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