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Hey BUNGHOLES, Did You Honestly Think We Would Be Scared Of You.....

Here we go, what a great game for the Steelers against them THUG Bengals, was it just me or did that game have the feel of a Ravens vs Steelers game, I was shocked to see the Bengals show some toughness, granted it was a lame ass attempt. A few things came out in this game, like, the Bengals are a paper champion and their QB is a scared dude, looks like all the pre-game toughness got him out real fast. lol

As for the game itself, the Steelers took no prisioners and man handled the def line of the Bengals from start to finish, The Steelers O. Line dominated this game, it was awesome to see the line smashing the Bengals 2, 3 yards off the line, Ben had all day long back in the pocket, about the only thing bad was we didn't score more TDS and less FGS, but hey, the refs were killing us all game, did anyway catch the facemask, hold and pass interf NO CALL on that bomb to M. Bryant? Are you kidding me ref? Com'ON..

The run game was solid, B. Rothlisburger looked angry and after that NO CALL roughing the passer on #55 PEWFERT, lets face it Ben doesn't get any calls unless he has some blood on him to prove it, Brady would of sat there and cried and you bet a flag would be out, another goofy thing was the AJ. Green TD, did you see him punt the ball in the stands, again NO CALL.. Wow, I was thinking are they trying to keep the Bengals in this game or what...

The Steeler defense was solid all game, yeah, it gave up a few bombs and didn't get a lot of presure on the QBS, but let me tell you one thing for sure is this group was HITTING HARD AS HELL all game long. L.Timmons was a man on fire, C. Hayward was killing the o.line all damn game, matter of fact the entire defense was killing people out there.

Hats off to T. Halley for not going into a shell and running it up the middle when the Bengals hit that AJ. Green TD, T. Halley came out with the spread attack and never let up. Don't look now, but T. Halley is doing a great job calling plays, love to see a few drags to A.B to split the double coverage, but all in all I was happy. Coach M. Tomlin is a mean dude, he was out in the damn fight, he don't back down from anyone, dude is one tough guy, love how he got the team fired up all game.

Well, it's the Bronco's up next at home, this is a must win for us, the Bronco's look basic they don't scare anyone, the Steelers should move the ball at will Sunday in the BURGH, the fans will be pumped up and the stadium will be rockin, so it's on boys.

With that all said, lets take a look at the GOOD, BAD & UGLY for week #14


#1. THE O.LINE, this group was pounding bengals all game.

#2. B. ROTHLISBURGER, dude had a great game, just didn't get TDS.

#3. THE DEFENSE, played a great game, hard ass hitting like old times.

#4. M. TOMLIN, takes a beating when the team comes out flat, this time this team was on FIRE!

#5. D. WILLIAMS, more and more, this dude is a monster back.

#6. C. BOSWELL, dude never misses a damn FG..


#1. THE REFS, missed call after missed call.

#2. A. BLAKE, dude was burnt a few times and just can't seem to tackle.



#1. V. BURFECT, dude is a total punk, can you imagine if J. PEEZY or J. LAMBERT or G. LLOYD would of been out

#2. THE ANOUNCERS, my god were they in love with Bengals.



It was a solid game, but we must repeat this on Sunday, it's a must win and with a win and A. Dalton out for the Bengals the STEELERS CAN LOCK UP A DIVISION TITLE. No matter what, if this team gets into the playoffs, trust me NO ONE WILL BE HAPPY TO FACE THEM. It's a high powered offense that can put up 50 on ANY TEAM IN THE NFL!



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