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WOW.... The World Finally Gets To See The Steelers Offense In Full BEAST MODE Force!

Words can't say just how excited I got knowing that the entire world know seen this Steelers offense I have been talking about all damn year, but remember, we still don't have the best RB in the league on the field yet, I'm talking about L. Bell.. Not saying that my boy D. Williams hasn't done a superb job in filling in, I just think L. Bell brings us to an even higher level.

We all seen this team have some bad games and a few good ones this season, but now we got a taste of a team firing on all cylinders, the run game was awesome, the pass game was insane, the defense looked in full control and the special teams had some fun. Is there any dout that this team will do damage in the post season, does anyone want to face them now? I say HELL NO THEY DON'T! lol

Next up on the list is a payback game with the Begals, trust me, the Steelers remember the last game and the disrespect we got from the bengals LBS. we also remember who ended our RB season... It's now time for some payback. I have a few Bengal fans that have been talking like we never beat them... They seem to forget who OWNS THEM. Let's just say, Bengals WE ARE COMING BITCHES!

The game started out crazy with J. Jones bringing out the opening kickoff 10 yards deep in the end zone only to fumble it away at the 14, are you kidding me, we all hated D. Archer and now see maybe he was better then J. Jones, I think if M. Tomlin owed him for the sideline bumb, it's all paid up now, we can't have J. Jones returning kicks, I say lets put MR. ELECTRIC Back there.. I know, I Know, can't risk him getting

All in all it was a great night in the Burgh, the fans were pumped up and it was electric when ever A. Brown got a catch, it wouldn't be me if I didn't bring up that amazing, crazy, stupid fun A. Brown punt return, that was a thing of excitement. The goal post hug was off the charts funny, the girl behind it was in shock, the place was laughing out of control, I lost my mind with it.. JUST PLAIN AWESOME! Just don't get

B. Rothlisburger had another monster game with 4 should of been 6 TDS, lets give props to that O.Line and to coach M. Munchuk, dude has got this line blowing people up. I'm so loving it.. The run game was awesome with D. Williams, is this dude really 32, dude runs like he is 22, is it just me or was that the best pick up the steelers ever made? Loven D. Williams. The defense looked classic, great to see B. Boikin on the field, but the entire secondary looked like they got a warning from coach Tomlin or something, the LBS were killing people, did you see old man J. Harrison looking like a beast, L. Timmons was hitting everything, what a great site to see the defense line smashing people all night long.

The WRS on this team are the best I ever seen in Pittsburgh, maybe even the entire NFL. hell, maybe even of ALLTIME, Wheeton in the slot is a nightmare for the defense and M. Bryant going deep seems like an automatic TD, THEN THERE IS M. ELECTRIC, A.BROWN, can anyone stop him without holding or facegaurding him, quick note to the rest of the NFL, you best tripple team this dude or he will shock your asses, and to the people who think he was held in check against R. Sherman, ARE YOU CRAZY, this dude just didn't get any looks for some damn reason, JUST GET HIM THE DAMN BALL.. WOW! What a steal in round #6.  I was very happy to see J. James looking like another draft steal pick, I can go on and on with the offense, I will even say that even T. Halley called a great game, one thing tho, can we get into the spread sooner, it's insane and defenses can't match up to it.

Got to tip my hat to coach Tomlin, he took a beating last week and this week had the team jacked up and ready to play, hell, he even managed the clock all game. Tip also goes to the LBS coaches, J. Porter, J.O and a giant tip goes to K. Butler, this dude called it to the TEE.. C. Lake takes a beating with this secondary, but he gets a giant tip of the cap tonight as well. Great job by everyone on the defense.

The game was awesome and it gave notice to the rest of the league, that this team is not fun to play and can crush you at any time. Lets just hope the defense can just be solid cause we all know this offense IS A MACHINE!

With all this said lets take a look at this weeks Good, Bad & Ugly for week #13


#1. A. BROWN, this dude will soon own pittsburgh.

#2. B. ROTHLISBURGER, another monster game, is he elite yet nfl? lol

#3. M. TOMLIN, takes a beat down last week, but is a king today.

#4. THE DEFENSE, yes, the entire defense was solid.

#5. T. HALLEY, i kill you so much, today i say great ass job.

#6. M. WHEETON & M. BRYANT, this WR combo is magic.

#7. THE O.LINE, loven this group all year.

#8. D. WILLIAMS, best pick up we ever had in the burgh.

#9. ALL DEFENSIVE COACHES, take a beating all year, today you guys rocked out.

#10. SPECIAL TEAMS, not even one flag. WOW!

#11. A. BROWNS TD, still can't figure out how you walked off, my sack would be hurtin bra... LOVED IT ANYWAY!!! Stick It And It's AWESOME!


#1. J. JONES, bye, bye.


#1. OMG... OMG... I HAVE NOTHING!!!!!! lol



What A Great Game, Steelernation Is Now Pumped Up And Out Of Control... Next 2 Games Are Very Important. LETS GO GET THEM.. AND LET'S NOT FORGET THEM ROTTEN RATSHIT RAVENS GAME, CAN WE PUT 65 ON THERE ASSES..


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