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Trick Play And Pathetic Secondary Play Might Have Cost The Steelers A Playoff Spot...


We all knew that the Steelers ugly secondary play could show it's ugly head at any time in any game, well, it showed up week #12 against the Seahawks, granted, the secondary had been playing better and better, but with the time off they just seem to have forgoten how to cover or tackle. A. Blake was burned so many times I thought Tomlin would pull him out just to save him, M.Mitchele was out of position the entire game, this defense has made almost every QB it faced look like J. Montana, hell, they gave up 300 yards to a paper boy from Cleveland in J. Manzel.


It would be easy to blaim the refs for this loss, but us Steeler fans don't do that, it's plain to see why everyone thinks so highly of the Seahawks secondary, hell they rub, hold and tackle WRS all over the field with no flags, did anyone see the R. Sherman push down on A. Brown when he got that free pic, I think the ref was watching the Seahawks cheer leaders on that play. Can anyone please tell me what the hell is a catch in the NFL, I have no clue why a guy with his finger tips on the ball is not a catch and a guy pics off a pass and doesn't even come up with the ball is a catch... It's o the point were the refs have no clue.


What about the 15 yard personal foul on L. Timmons for pushing R. Wilson out of bounds, was he not 2 feet in bounds? A flag happy bunch to say the least, do they ever call pass interf on R. Sherman that dude was face gaurding and climbing in A. Browns paints all game long. Was it me or did it look like A. Brown was just a decoy in the game, dude has 27 catches and you're to scared to look his way because of Sherman? Are you kidding me? lol

I have no clue why M. Tomlin is so agressive with the 2 point play and then kicks a FG at the 3 yard line, I do understand what he was thinking on it witch is fine with me, but when you think to yourself...wait, I have a secondary that can't tackle, can't cover and is always out of position, wouldn't you get that damn TD there, even if you don't get the TD you give them the ball at there own 3 yard line, everyone know's a team will run it 3 times and punt it back.

What about that fake FG, did that thing fool anyone? They came back from a timeout why would you call that in that spot using a back up QB and a back up O.line man... Are you kidding me... That play will be on this weeks COM'ON MAN for sure.. That was plain stupid, Mike, you got to know that the team you're facing has a coach too and he can see your line up on the field? WOW!


It's all hands on deck now, it's win 5 just to get in the playoffs with all the tie breakers, the Steelers are now looking in and will have to earn a spot, forget needing help, just WIN THE NEXT 5! This spread offense is a machine. O, yeah, can we not abanden the run game so fast, the Hawks have shown they have trouble with a solid run game.

With all that said lets take a look at this weeks Good, Bad & UGLY for week #12




#1. M. WHEETON, dude looked like he switched jerseys with A. Brown for the day.


#2. BEN ROTHLISBURGER, 2 of them 3 pics were not his.


#3. THE ENTIRE O.LINE, this group is getting nasty in a good way.


#4. DEF LINE, they kept R. Wilson in the pocket all game, problem was, he 3 step passed all game.




#1. THE FAKE FG, wtf...


#2. M. TOMLIN, clock management and the call to do a fake fg. WTF...


#3. T. HALLEY, abanded the run game, no screens, no slants and no DRAGS, then used A.Brown as a decoy..


#4. K. BUTLER, his defense was just plain nasty.. In a real bad way.




#1. THE ENTIRE SECONDARY, they came back from vacation still on vacation.


#2. TACKLING, garbage all game.


#3. THE REFS, let the hawks secondary undress our wideouts all game.







All we can do now is win out, I know 10-6 could get in, but why chance it win out get 11-5 and it's a lock, with games left with the Colts, Bengals, Ravens, Bronco's and Browns we can't have a let down. This offense is to good to not win out, the problem is can the defense make a few stops. No need to be mad and upset with the refs, the defense the game plan, this Steelers team has been through it all, I HAVE FAITH, I WILL NEVER QUIT.. Let's just hope the team don't quit.


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