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It's Big Bad Ben To Save The Day...

WOW, I mean WOW! What's the odds on L. Jones getting hurt and Big Bad Ben in as the back up, not only did he save the game he dominated it and prob saved the Steelers season. What can you say about Ben Rothlisburger, this guy is one bad ass dude and even with his giant foot laid it to the Browns yet again.. Gota say, I was not sure why they dressed Ben and felt they couldn't start him?

O well it don't matter now, we did what we had to do and got the win, yeah, I know the defense gave up tons of points but are we not used to this week in and week out, I'n not worried about the yardage, I'm worrierd about the points because incase you forgot, it's points that win or lose games not yards. One thing about this defense is, they give up stacks of points but then make big plays and keep the other team outa the endzone. Not to mention, this defense is starting to get a name for them selfs, the punishers, they may give you points or even lose a game, but one thing for sure some one is getting BLOWED UP.

It all started off looking like the Browns a.k.a. CLOWNS were just going to make L. Jones pass to beat them, playing a single man to man coverage and using 8 man in the box to stop the run, they did stop the run, but we didn't get to see what L. Jones was going to do because he got carted off the field and all eyes were on BIG BEN. Gota say I was so

Even when Ben came into the game, the Browns used an 8 man box and press single coverage on each wrs, are they just plain crazy, this is BEN and when he seen MR. ELECTRIC one on one with a back up CB, he was smiling all the way to the bank, did you happen to see A. Browns face light up like a christmas tree when he saw Ben enter the

Not only did A. Browm blow it up, but M. Bryant was insane, why would anyone thing you can cover these 2 WRS one on one. Hell, we even had a M. Wheeton sighting. One thing that I was upset about, was the A. Brown Flip, yeah, I know it looked amazing and this kid can do anything he wants, but, what if he blows out his knee on that flip, I know he is an excited kind of player, but dude you're the best player in the NFL prob looking at the league M.V.P why risk that. Either way I LOVE THIS KID! lol

The O.Line was solid gave ben all day even tho he got rid of it at 3 seconds and was always in the shotgun, can we just use this spread shot gun offense EVERY GAME. Leys not get to high with this win after all it was the crazy bumblin Clowns, have you ever seen such a mess on the NFL stage before, Yeah, I remember the AINTS, The BUNGHOLES And even the Tampon Bay Bucks, but the CLOWNS look to be in a class all there own.

On the defense, again I have to give some props to M. Mitchele this dude can hit, if only he would not make such a big deal out of them, he did have a great game, the CBS were ok, the LBS were ok, L.Timmons was outstanding, he was killing people all game, R. Shazier was just basic and lucky L. Timmons saved him on a few tackles, Gota say, J. Jones had a real good game, we need more of these games from him and I'm starting to like B. Dupree. The best part of the game was the offense, but I have to say the Defensive Line with S. Tuit, C. Thomas And the next big Steelers superstar C. HEYWORD played lights out, granted, Mazel had a ton of yards but the defensive line was in his face a lot.

All in all it was a great game and a huge win for the Steelers and now the bye week, then it's off to play the Seahawks, it's a dream matchup with BIG MOUTH R. Sherman -VS- Mr. Electric A. BROWN. Trust me Sherman, you best double this

Lets take a look at the GOOD, BAD & UGLY For Week #10:


#1. BEN ROTHLISBURGER, Dude Is A Machine He Is One Bad Man!

#2. A. BROWN, Note To Rest Of NFL, You Can't Cover Him One On One Anymore.

#3. M. BRYANT, Dude Was A Superstar Again. Just Wait Til He Leans More Routes.

#4. C. HEYWORD, The Next Star In The Burgh.

#5 THE DEFENSE, Yeah, They Gave Up Tons Of Yards But You Will Get CLOCKED.

#6. M. TOMLIN, Had His Guys Up For This Game.


#1. D. WILLIAMS, not his Fault At All, The Clowns Played An 8 & 9 Man Box To Stop Run. That's Why We Blew Them Up In The Air.

#2. M. BRYANT, That Great Ass Catch Followed By A Fumble. Hey, I Have To Find A Few Bad Things Right... LOL


#1. THE CLOWNS TEAM, OWNER, COACHES, Will They Ever Be Any Good?

#2. M. MOTES, That Facemask On Manzel Was NASTY.

One last thing: It was a halftime party for the 2005 Steelers Superbowl Team, loved seeing J. Farrior, J. Bettis, B. Keisel, C. Hampton, W. Parker, A.Randel El and all the rest of that killer fun team that was a wildcard. The only thing that made me VERY SAD was there was no TROY PALAMALU, I thought about this and can't help but think it was the way they pushed him out the door, maybe it's just me, but that guy is one of my alltime favorite Steelers and prob the classiest guy the NFL will ever see. I Sure hope it's not another T. Bradshaw thing in the BURGH. I hope the Steelers reach out to TROY and make things right.

Game balls: B. Rothlisburger, A. Brown, M. Bryant, C. Heyword, L. Timmons, M. Mitchele, H. Miller


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