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OOOO NOOO Not Again.....

This has to be a bad dream right? It can't be true can it? Yes, it's true and it's not a bad dream... BEN GOES DOWN AGAIN, at 5-4 and a nice win over the Radiers in week 9, the Steelers find them selfs without B. Rothlisburger yet again, the good thing is it's just a minor sprain, is it just me or does Ben seem to over do his injuries.. lol...  Anyways, it's not the knee at all it's the foot, looks like he will once again return in week 11. The next game is at home against the worst team in the nfl, the Browns, then it's a bye week.. Not to brag or anything but the Steelers should win this game against the CLOWNS with no QB.... . L. Jones will get the start, lets not get to down on this kid, remember when he plays at home he plays much better then when its a road game.

The easy way to beat the Browns is simple, just get the ball to MR. ELECTRIC  A. BROWN, can you believe what this kid did on the field, dude had 274 yards on 17 catches... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Chuck Knoll would of shit his self back in the day if he seen this.. lol  One thing for sure is ALL STEELER RECORDS WILL BE BROKEN BY THIS KID, mark it down.. I have my alltime favorite Steelers Players list and I had this kid at like 20ish, lets just say he has now moved up to my top 5 all time steelers. (You can see the list in our forum).

Another great game was turned in by D. Williams, Keven Colbert should get a raise for snatching this guy up, all he does is play hard and makes it look easy, Awesome pick up in the off season. Ben was on pace for 400 and this offense just smoked it up and down the field, over 650 yards, most of the play calls were great, still had a few I didn't understand at all. But I'm learning to live with crazy calls sometime from T. Halley.  As far as the game, it was one hell of a game, I hate the raiders and I must say, they look like a football team now.

The defense was eratic and played it's worse game of the season, the LBS were out of position all day, Shazire was missing tackles all game, the def line was sometimes pushed off the ball but once again C. Heyward was a force inside all game, the secondary was playing a ton of zone and allowed the Radiers WRS to catch some drags and quick passes, but all in all the defense was put in some bad field positions and did come up with a few take aways.

The special teams with the addition of J. Jones looked as if it was still D. Archer back there, I'm starting to think it's the blocking, because we all know J.Jones is a stud on kickoffs.. Don't We M.     Still have no clue where M. Wheeton went or why all of the sudden M. Bryant can't catch, but it really doesn't matter when you have #84 A. BROWN.. Is it time to see if S. Coats can take the slot WR position.

The punter is now killing us, everytime he punts it's just a weak punt and the other team gets great field position, the kick off team has been solid all year even with the poor punts. For the first time we seen are kid FG kicker miss one, I was shocked.. lol 

With all this said, lets do the GOOD, BAD & UGLY for week #9


#1. A. BROWN... Just Call him MR. ELECTRIC.. Amazing Game... WOW!

#2. D. WILLIAMS, Dude Is Still A Stud Back.

#3. THE OLINE, Ben Had All Day.

#4. C. HEYWARD, Kid Is A Super Star.

#5. B. ROTHLISBURGER, Until He Went Down Again.

#6. COACH C. LAKE, He Has No Tallent With His CBS, But Is Still Doing A Great Job.

#7. M. TOMLIN, I Killed Him Last Week For Play Clock, This Week He Had The Team Ready When Ben Went Down.

The BAD:

#1. THE REFS, My God..The Flag On Shazier Was Insain.

#2. THE SPECIAL TEAMS, Return Team. Same Old Stuff.


#4. M. MITCHELE, This Guy Will Cost Us A Game Soon.


#1. J. BERRY, His Punting Is Killing Me.


#3. THE DEFENSE, As A Group They Gave The Radiers Everything.

Game Balls: 



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