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Yet, Another Steeler Star Goes down, Are You Kidding Me....

How can something look so good turn out to be so bad, that is the question all of steelers nation is asking this monday after a heart breaking loss to the Bengals, the first drive was 80 yards 8 plays that ended with a nice TD to A. Brown, gota say, I was thinking this was to easy and this could be a blow out, Ben was on fire looked like he never missed a beat.

That first drive was the last drive as in the 2nd qt another great player goes down, L. Bell took a wicked tackle that bent his knee scary, the entire stadium had the life sucked out, First it's M. Pouncy, then it's B. Rothlisburger, then it's K. Beachum and now it's L. Bell, this injury will hurt the most because L. Bell is an everydown back and puts defences in a mismatch at all times, I don't think it's as bad a loss as B. Rothlisburger was do to the fact that we had no solid back up QBS, atleast at RB we have D. Williams and now the new kid I. Peed off waivers.

Ben had a rough outing, we seen this from Ben before, where his injury is in his head and he looks in a hurry at times, we all know Ben is a star, 3 INTS hurt the defense all day, giving up great field position all day, but you gota tip your caps to this defense, this group kinda dominated the game, take away a few goofy flags and this group was great all day. Anytime you can hold a powerful offense to FGS after giving them great starting field ALL DAY, is a great day.

Again as always the UGLY clock management show's up, this is now a pattern with M. Tomlin, why not call a time out at the 2:38 mark, you have 3.. Stop it at 2:38 with your first timeout, the next play was a stop call a second timeout at the 2:28 mark, you still have one time out left and the 2 miniute warning. Totally un exceptable from M. Tomlin. It would be ok if this was his first or second blunder but this seems to happen every game, sometimes it goes un noticed do to we get the win, but this is getting to be a pattern now.

As I said, the defense was great, yeah there were a few blunders by M. Mitchelle, but I come to exspect that from this guy, Blake had a good solid game, Cockrun also did a good job, W. Gay was solid, this is the best game as a core the LBS had all year, and my man Heyword is just killing people now, this is just a kid but let him learn the game and he will be a household name for sure. Love this kid..

We had an A. Brown TD and he had some targets, M. Bryant was a-wall and the slot is long gone, what happend to Wheeton, Halley finally gets H. Miller into the play calls, can I just put this out here, I know Grong is the best T. End in the NFL, but is H. Miller not awesome or what? This guy can move the chains all day, lets hope halley keeps him in the calls.

The punting stunk, J. Berry did nothing to help this teams field position, what happend to the moon kicks? Why is the special teams so weak, dri archer is like a guy who runs into tacklers, 4.2 speed and he never gets outside, hey D. Archer do us all a favor and DOWN IT.. atleast we can start at the 20.

Sorry Ben, you know I love you man, but that game was nasty, maybe you were just a bit rusty and felt the presure of the entire fan base hoping you could get us that win, I don't know, all I do know is be yourself man, you're way better then that, now the presure is off as in the division tittle, but we have to go 6-2 to get a shot at the wildcard. We MUST BEAT CONF TEAMS, because that's how tir breakers are won.

The steelers are 4-4 now with a slim slim chance at the division, but i'm focused in on the WILDCARD, yeah we been here before and I understand that losing star players hurts us, but you know STEELERNATION WILL NOT QUIT, you can talk all your smack in the steelers groups, all you raven, bengal fans can talk all your smack on how you beat us, but at the end of the day, ravens will be looking up at us, the bengals will prob have to face us in the playoffs and there is no need to say anything about the NASTY ASS BROWNS.

Ok, I ranted long enough, lets take a look at the GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY...For week #8


#1. The Defense Played Very Good.

#2. The Run Game Was Solid With D. Williams

#3. ALL LBS Had A Solid Game.

The BAD:


#2. PLAY CALLING, It's So Eratic.

#3. M. TOMLINS Clock Management.. AGAIN!

#4. M. WHEETON, Dude Was A No Show.

#5. J. BERRY, His Punting Is Now Scary.

#6. B. ROTHLISBURGER, You All Know I Love Ben, But Even I Can't Help Him With That Game. lol


#1. L. BELL Out For Season.

#2. FLAGS, Can Anyone Just Play The Game Anymore..

#3. SPECIAL TEAMS, We Get Nothing From This Group.

#4. THE REFS, Just A Nasty Flag Happy Group.

Game Balls:



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