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The Steelers Are Showing Some Big-time Heart...

Everyone predicted a Steelers loss against the so called powerhouse Cards, the one thing all the talking heads forgot was the Steelers didn't hear them, this team has showed so much heart all year long, guys go down and it's always the next man up. Tomlin has got this team playing some solid football even with a 2nd and 3rd string QB. It's a great thing to see when your head coach show's some passion, I hate it when I see a coach just looking like he's just going through the motions on the side lines, you know, kinda like Mike Petton the head coach of the Clowns.

The game started off slugish and Vick was so out of it, his passing was bad, this allowed the defense to put 9 & 10 in the box to try and stop our only threat, the run game. The play calling for Vick kinda makes me think that T. Halley want's Vick to just manage the game instead of attacking the defense, L. Bell is a stud, even with a full box he still gets yards, can you imagine when Ben gets back, this dude will put 200 up like nothing. We seen Vick do nothing for an entire half, then gets hurt, I never want a guy to get hurt, but I think that would of been the only way Tomlin pulls Vick. In comes Landry, he hits a slant, then he hits heath with a great pass, the spark starts and the team rallies, the line blocked the WRS were open because the defense was still in the box stopping the run, daring Landry to pass, the play calls started to open up and BAM... TD to Bryant, The place is pumped up and its on now.. BAM... A monster pass to Bryant again.. TD 88 yards. Ball GAME!

Lets just say, the defense has surprised me all year long, yeah, I know they give up a ton of yards but lets not forget they are also on the field ALL DAMN GAME! They make plays and the def line is playing there asses off, loven HEYWARD & TUIT these 2 guys have the making of something special, The LBS are killing people, hell, J. Harrison looks 27 not 37.. B. Dupree is getting better and better, Spence is solid, TIMMONS is an M.V.P LB, Motes is also doing good things, The DBS are working, they get beat here and there but they hang in, even the SAFTYS are balling.

You have to tip your cap to the way MR. KEITH BUTLER is calling the defense, it's not a gap 2 cover no more, it's an in your face blitzing attacking defense now. The entire defensive coaching staff is all worthy of a tip of the cap, they get killed when it dont work, it's now time to praise them when it is WORKING.

A. Brown is a bit mad, it's perfectly ok with me, this dude is MR. ELECTRIC I love that he wants the ball and wants to make plays, Bryant is a stud, if he can stay clean, this guy is an M.V.P type WR. The O.Line has been great all year long, M. Muncheck is a super coach, The RBS are both awesome, L. Bell will soon bust some 75's and 80's runs. Mark It Down.

The kickers J. Berry & Boswell are doing a perfect job, that Boswell kid looks like he is 13 years old, but dude is calm and hits FGS like he been here 10 years, the coverage team is playing lights out, the return team needs major work, to many flags and Dri still can't figure out how to use all his speed.

With all that said, we WON and that's what counts...


#1. THE DEFENSE, players and coaches... Tip Of The Hat.

#2. LANDRY JONES, comes in and sparks the entire stadium.

#3. M. BRYANT, dude is special.


#5. THE O. LINE, blocking like crazy good.

The BAD:

#1. SPECIAL TEAMS RETURN GAME, way to many flags.

#2. A. BLAKE, dude was tourched all game.

#3. BEECHUM, out for the season.. Hey, next man up right?


#1. M. VICK, his passing is gone.



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