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Now That Was One Crazy Game...  Steelers -vs- Chargers!

WOW, what can you say about Mike Tomlins call at the half yard line with 5 seconds left, that was a mans call. It's games like this that jump start a season and make it a magical one, yeah, I know Vick was horible for 3 and a half qters and I understand the defense was on the field almost the entire 2nd half, but, with that said we watched a team show some heart and keep fighting.

I have to give props to the defensive line, Heyward, Tuit and even some Thomas played there asses off all night long and let me just put this out here, Heyward is going to be a superstar, this guy stops the run, makes sacks, blows up lineman he even makes tackles 15 yards down field he is explosive. Another guy that had a great game is LB L. Timmons, he was everywhere making crazy tackles all night, lets just give it up for this defense none of us thought they would play this good, yeah, I know it's not what we expect, but lets just give them some love.

The only issue I have with the game was, some of the play calling was a bit jerkish, let me explain, we have a running QB in Vick, why do we never see ant roll out keepers or bootlegs, the Chargers defense was packing the box to stop L. Bell a few play action passes would of killed them all night long, the wildcat I liked but they did get to into using it, L. Bell shout of one time gave it off to D. Williams on the rocket, some other problems I had was the clock managment with 2:27 left in the game and down 20-17, why no hurry up, it seemed like we were playing just to get a fg try and tie it up. They were even huddling up using crazy clock.

Vick had some very bad passes that could and prob should of been picked, his pocket passing was never any good, but his legs are still great, his 24 yard 3rd down run was game changer, then he hits Heath with a bullet, I must say I was calling for Laundry at halftime, but Vick did what he had to and we got the win.

Loved seeing Ben so into the game, that dude is coming back next week I can feel it, this O.line did some killer blocking, Decastro is becoming a stud, and you know I got to talk about my man L. Bell, this guy is electric reminds me of a young Eric Dickerson with more cuts and maybe more speed, The Wheeton TD catch was a great call, figures Ben called it up. lol

One thing that kinda hurts is my man A. Brown gets so little action, his numbers are droping but not because of his play, it seems like Vick don't look to him, then again, I think Vick loves to hand off to Bell and keep it all safe. We all know the Cards defense is solid and Vick will not be able to have this kind of game against them, who know's maybe Ben will be back and we will get to see this high powered offense all intact.

O yeah, we even made a FG..So all is good for now in steelernation, speaking of steelernation.. All I can say is WOW, we made San Diego look like a home game, this is why we are the greatest fn base in all of sports. AMAMZING FANS!

Ok lets take a look at the Good, Bad & UGLY in game #5


#1. The Defense Balled Out. They Were On The Field 80% Of The Game.

#2. L. BELL, This Dude Is A Superstar RB.

#3. WEETON'S TD, Dude Has Crazy Speed, Can't Wait For Bryant, Bell, Brown And Ben All In The Line Up... OMG!

#4. We Kicked A Damn FG..

#5. MIKE TOMLIN, His Call At The End Was Just Plain Nasty, Balls To The Walls.

#6. BEN'S ATTITUDE, Dude Looks Ready To Play.


#1. Game Clock Management

#2. Special Teams Flags

#3. Offense In The 2nd Half.  WOW!


#1. Shermarco Thomas, Makes So Many Mistakes.

#2. Defense Covering The Tight Ends So Far This Year.

All we need is the WIN, no matter how you get it, without Ben we need to stay in the hunt because when Ben comes back IT'S LIGHTS OUT FOR EVERY DEFENSE IN THE NFL.

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