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Now That Game Was Down Right UGLY...

OK, lets dive right in to week #4 steelers vs ravens at Pittsburgh, lets start by saying Josh Sbobee is a mess, this dude was making every FG at Jacksonville, we trade for him and he left his leg back there, it's time to say good bye to this guy. Now on to the play calls, Todd Haley and his calls are limited I know, but is there any way to call atleast ONE SLANT PASS, or maybe just ONE REVERSE, all night long the ravens did nothing back stack the box and all night long we did nothing but run Bell right in to it, they even left Heath Miller open all night long, they played som cover 2 and slid the safty to A. Browns side, but why did we not motion Bell out to the slot?

Mike Vick looks old and still can't make the pass to the right side of the field, the 4th down to A.B to seal the game was 3 feet over his head, noway on earth you miss that one, did anyone notice that Vick never rolled right and passed maybe 6 times to the right? He still loves to hold the ball and run, I felt like I was watching Kordel Stewart all over again.

The clock management was weak again, but we are all used to that with Tomlin, the first half you have 1 time out and 24 seconds on the clock, instead of going to the endzone with a pass we elected to run the clock down to 1 second and use the time out to kick a FG.. WHY?

Lets not think that the ravens are good, they have no WRS and that defense is pure JUNK, you do have to tip your hat to them, they did everything they could to lose the game, the problem was so DID WE. The 1-4 on forth downs should of won any game, but when the steelers have a 4th and 1 they call a pass and not just give it to Bell, granted the pass was open, but you didnt trust Vick all night why pass now, the 4th and 2 you elect to run a sweep with Vick out of a shotgun to the short side... WHY? You have a superstar RB in Bell, just hand hime the damn BALL!

I Could go on and on with this game, it's a wasted chance to end the ravens season, we let them get back in the race and we take a sloppy lose. 1-3 against them in the last 4, this rivalry is turning one sided. You must get A. Brown the ball, he can't be covered, Vick never looked to him at all.. WHY?

It's time to look at this games GOOD, BAD & UGLY...


#1. TUIT, This Guy Is A Star.

#2. HEYWARD, This Guy Makes Plays All Over The Place.

#3. TIMMONS, This Guy Is So UNDER Rated.

#4. BEN WALKING, Could He Be Back Next Week?

#5. L. BELL, You Have To Love A Guy Who Runs All Over A STACKED DEFENSE Who Is Not Even Thinking About Any Pass.


#1. RUN DEFENSE, They Let Forset Kill Them.


#3. BEACHUM, His Blocking Is Back To Bad Again.



#2. CAM THOMAS, This Guy Is A Bust.

#3. PLAY CALLING, Todd Haley's Hands Were Tied.

#4. TOMLINS Clock Management.

#5. Ravens Are Back In The Race.

Game Balls:

#1. L. BELL

#2. TUIT



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