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Week #2: WOW! Is This What We Should Expect From Our STEELERS Offense?

First off lets say that game was a beat down, the score was not even that close at all, 43-18 and the steelers didn't even have the ball on offense in the 3rd qt. Did They? All I Know Is 5 red zone trips = 5 TDS! This offense is going to ring up the scoreboard on ANYONE, with L. Bell on his way back we could see a one two punch in the backfield that has never been seen before.

With wr M. Bryant on his way back in game 4 this offense will be UN STOPABLE! The Oline is like a well oiled machine, Ben has all day and was never rushed, the run game with D. Williams who I must say is an awesome pick up, I didn't think he had anything left, but I was so wrong, his speed is shocking at his age, but again it comes down to the Blocking.

Ben is on pace to crush all steelers records, but lets be fair Terry never got to pass it all over the field and back then the CBS could kill the wr's. Not taking anything away from Ben, this dude was on FIRE, it sure does help with great blocking and an AMAZING WR in A. Brown, can you say ELECTRIC... WOW! This dude looks like a madden player, stops and starts on a dime, speed to go right by you and never drops a pass, This dude is a CBS NIGHTMARE.

With all that lets take a look at the Good, Bad & The UGLY in the Steelers Week #2:

The Good, I Mean GREAT:

#1. BIG BEN, He Was On FIRE, not to mention I had him on my fanduel team.. THANK YOU BEN 33.6 Points!

#2. A. BROWN, Can Anyone Cover This Guy, He Is Entering My All Time List Of Greatest Steelers All Time. ELECTRIC!

#3. O.LINE, Amazing Blocking For The Run And The Pass ALL DAY!

#4. R. SHAZIER, That Was A Lambert Game Stat Wise, We All Knew This Kid Was Fast But Dude Is SUPERMAN!

#5. D.LINE, Tuit, Heyward And Even Mac Was In The 49ers Backfield ALL DAMN DAY!

#6. DEFENSE, We All Killed Them Last Week, Lets Give Them Props This Week, Kevin Butler Called A Great Game, Yeah They Gave Up Lots Of Yards But That's By Design, Up 20 You Start Playing Zone Drops.

#7. J. BERRY, Lots Of You Have No Clue Who He Is, Its Our New Punter And This Dude Can KICK IT!



The Bad:

#1. SAFTY & CBS, They All Played Way Better And The Adition Of B. Boikin Was Great, But Still M. Mitchele & Blake & Allen Still Out Of Position To Much. But Hey Lets Give Them Some Props, The Score Was So One Sided They Didn't Have To Play Any Press.

#2. SCOBIE, Dude Is Scarry When It Comes To FG'S, Close Game And We Have To Have Him.


#1. THE REFS, Did They Miss Calls Or What..

#2. THE ANNOUNCERS, Please Lets Ban These Two From All Steelers Games.

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