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Week #1, What In The World Was Our Defense Doing? Is It A 3-4, a 4-3 or COVER 15..?

With that said, lets take a look at the GOOD, BAD & The UGLY in the game. Lets start with the way the steelers play defense, this is a 3-4 defense, why do we insist on placing our safty 25 yards away from the line of scrimage, I'm talking about M. Mitchele, this guy plays in the center of the field and still can't make it over to cover Gronk in the seem. The other safty is Will Allen, did this guy even play?

The corner backs were playing 15 yeards of the Patriots WR's... WHY? did they think Edelman or Amaendola was going to go right by them? Do they have speed? NOOOOOOOO! The steeler CB'S never played man to man and JAM at the line, we all know that the Pats use qiuck passes that are based on TIMING, you jam them, you mess up timing all night long.

Gronk is a killer matchup for any defense, but atleast hit him on the line and push him into you coverage, don't run with him or better yet UNCOVER HIM. The defense did stop the run, but why run when you can pass all over the place.

Did it ever look like the Pats offense was scared? To me, they seemed BORED, it was to easy for them, hell, Brady could of played with out pads.

Enough Talking about Headsetgate, Cheatgate, Shiftgate and all the other gates, NO ONE CARES, It's the Patriots Way. They get cought and nothing happends, EVER! Let's put it this way, if our defense covered GRONK, the game would of been closer, our offense is a machine, we will score major points and this will in turn HELP a sad defense.

With that said here are my GOOD, BAD & UGLY for week # 1.

First off lets do the GOOD:

#1. The offensive line was damn good, Ben had time and the run game blocking was working.

#2. Anotionio Brown is unstopble, double him and he still gets open.

#3. Back up running back D. Williams was red hot, showing great speed.

#4. Ben had a solid game.

#5. The offense was solid.

The BAD:


#2. Wide reciever Hayward Bay gets wide open, then catches a TD out of bounds.

#3. Mike Mitchele, this guy is never in any plays.



The Ugly:

#1. Todd Haleys play calls on the first and goal from the 1 yard line, pull out D. Williams and put in a fullback.

#2. The trick play on opening drive that killed the mojo.

#3. Josh Scobie missing 2 makeable FG's.


What say you:


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This Steeler Defense Is RAW and YOUNG.. It Will Take Time To Come Together, Our Offense MUST Carry Us For A Few Games.  AND THEY CAN!


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