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Lets Take A Look At This Mike Vick Signing, Shall We...

First off let me start off by saying that I'm a true old school steeler fan, I also love pets. With that said, I wanted to take a hard look at this Vick pick up. Yes, it's true the Steelers are the best sports franchise in all of sports and most steeler fans can't understand the signing of Vick by the Rooney's, a family with honor and passion, a family that understands and loves it's fans.

There are some fans that are saying they disrespect the team for making this move becasue of Vicks past, you do have a right to dis like the pick up based on that alone, you also have every right to voice your dis likes and even say you are no longer a fan of the team. However, we all know that there is only ONE PERSON that can judge another person and that my friends is the big guy upstaires. We all have stuff that we're not proud of and things we done that was wrong, we all got another chance, where would we all be if Jesus didn't forgive us?

Don't get me wrong, I like the move as a football fan, but have lost a little something in what we call the Steeler Way, those of you younger fans don't remember Mr. Chuck Knoll, this guy was a great person and a great teacher and when Art Rooney Hired Chuck as the coach of the steelers, he told chuck it has to be done The Steeler Way, chuck knew exactly what Mr. Rooney was talking about and went on to built a dynasty with class guys, sure there were problems with some guys, but chuck took care of them IN HOUSE.

My feelings on the Mike Vick signing are mixed, I'm excited about this team and this offense, I just think the Vick distraction will be a thing that can tear up the team, the locker room could keep this under control. Maybe I'm worried about nothing, but Vick was not picked up by any other team, I hear things like he is a team guy, a good friend and a great teamate and still wonder why Philly, the Jets and not one other team thought this. The rash of text & facebook postings are all about Vick and not about this team and it's just the beginning.. This is what I call a distraction, lets not worry about the signing, lets keep our focus on the TEAM!

Everyone will bring up the Ben rape charges and the Harrison wife hitting or even the Hines drunk driving, the difference in all that is Ben was never charged and Harrison and Hines are true steelers, Vick is an outsider with a jail sentence and conviction. The NFL has got tons of problems, but, it also has tons of VERY AWESOME PEOPLE too. Case and point #43 TROY!

We needed a back up QB and with GRAD on the IR and Landry still learning, Vick can work. Those of you steeler fans that hate this move, just remember you are a fan of THE TEAM, not of the PLAYER.

All the talk about Landry that he is a weak QB, remember he plays with the 2nd and 3rd string offense, do we think Vick will show something with the 2nd and 3rd strings? There is so much more with todays NFL because everyone has phones, facebook, twitter and everytime a player gets into a problem it's filmed. Back in the day we didnt have all this social hype, things happend back then as they do now.

The last thing on the Vick signing is, he paid for what he did, is he sorry, we will never know only GOD WILL.... let's say Ben goes down, do you really feel like Vick could take us to the superbowl, We all know the answer to that one. Without BEN we go NOWHERE! Who ever the back up QB is it don't matter! Whats done is done, we can all fight with each other, we can all love the move, we can all feel bad in some way, we can all keep talking about a back up QB, BUT WE CAN NEVER JUDGE A PERSON!

No matter what, I'm a TRUE DIE HARD STEELER FAN, It hurts a little to know that the team I love would take a reach, but at the same time I understand the move and understand that I SHALL NOT JUDGE. I Can DIS LIKE IT, BUT NOT JUDGE IT!

Remember you are a fan of the TEAM, not of the PLAYER!

What's your take, become a member and post!


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