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It Was A True STEELERNATION Take Over In Canton!

Who's got the greatest fans in all of sports?

From the looks of my canton hall of fame visit last night, it has got to be the Steelers fan base. What other team has a fan base with more passion and more heart with a full love of the game. The night was magical to say the least, the towels were twirling and it was loud and proud. The steeler nation was in full force as we walked up to the stadium, you seem to expect that anything can happen when its this fan base, but when you see a world of black n gold taking over the entire town, it's just amazing.

Not only does this fan base have passion, they are also a classy fan base, yes, when Tim Browns name came up I was thinking OMG a raider, those of you youngsters didn't see the WARS we had with the Raiders in the 70's, I remember them well and lets just say todays Steelers VS Ravens rivalry is great, but it's no Steelers VS Raiders. But as I thought, the steeler nation cheered for even a RAIDER on this day.

Mr. Dan Rooney is loved by so many, so when his name was mentioned the place exploded and it was just a magical scene, another awesome moment was the introduction of Joe Green, Mel Blount, Lynn Swann and another explosion for Franco Harris, he seems to always have his towel with him. Another great moment was whenever a highlight had a raven player in it the place turned into a BOO FEST! lol

As the night fell and everyone knew it was time for "THE BUS" the steeler song started to play and the towels started to twirl and you felt goose bumps and teared eyed, Bettis was finally going into the Hall Of Fame. He started with his love for god, then ask for a towel and started chanting HERE WE GO STEELERS HERE WE GO, The place exploded and it was a steelernation FULL TAKE OVER.

Jerome Bettis was a class guy on and off the field, never wanted to be in the lime light, never a me first guy but always a TEAM FIRST GUY, I remember when it was a playoff game against the ravens and his knee was bad, he tried to take a shot for the pain before the game and the shot hit a nerve causing Jerome to miss the game, He was in the locker room crying his eyes out, that is Jerome Bettis.

I remember the playoff game against the Colts when we were going in for a TD from the 3 yard line and JB fumbled it away, he never fumbles and it's 99% a TD for this monster at the 3 yard line, but on this day he fumbled and Ben saved him with a shoe string tackle, The feeling I had was not about the game but for JEROME BETTIS, watching his reaction on the sideline, I was in shock. I remember saying to my self, we can't end on this play..

The defense manned up behind a monster game by Joey Porter and we won that game, Jerome mentioned how much he owed BEN for that saving tackle. Another play that stays with me is the run over of LB Brian Urlacker, it was a snow day and it was cold and on that day, The Bus was a run a way bus, running through Urlacker for a steeler TD.

As my top 3 steeler player of all time, I thank you Jerome "The Bus" Bettis for all the fun and all the great times, with much love and respect It was a great honor to know not only how good you were, but just how special you were to all of us IN THE STEELER NATION!

I Think Everyone Should Know.....


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IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!


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