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Is The Strain Better Than The Walking Dead?

If you guys didn't see the first season of the strain, then i urge you to check it out asap, the 2nd season is starting in July 2015, this show hits on everything that the walking dead does not. It's a gore fest that show's the sickness and has the sickest creature of all time SATIN...

The show is based on a desease that is taking over, a real desaes that could happen, not a deases were zombie's come out when a person dies, why is it that the zombie can't bite you, but, if it gets blood in your mouth its all fine? Anyways, the strain will make you shiver, it's a story that will leave you wanting more.

Trust me The Strain Is SICK but could be something that COULD happen, the actors are all solid and the man in charge is an old doctor that has battled with SATIN for many years, the world is in fear and these monsters can do everything, not just slow walk beside you, you kill one and there are 50 more on you.

No one lives in this nightmare.

Check out the Strain season 2 review and the sneak peek trailor right here on the GFsix Show's Video Page.

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Show Is Better Then The Walking Dead!


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