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Is #43 Troy Polamalu Done? I SAY... HELL NO!

It's so shocking for me as a diehard steeler fan from 1970's to see just how MOST of steelernation is treating one of the ALL TIME BEST NFL / STEELER player's #43 Mr. Troy Polamalu. I used to think that all of steelernation new football, but now with all this talk about Troy can't cover, can't tackle, lost his speed and so much more. It's all over steeler fan pages, it's talked about by sports talk guys everywhere. (Kind of sounds like CLOWNS FANS in Cleveland, who know NOTHING about football).

Granted, Troy has lost some speed and is older and has had some tough injuries, but to even think that most of you so called steeler diehards and pro sports talkers even dare say you would rather see WILL ALLEN in for TROY makes me sad not to mention MAD AS HELL. Will Allen over Troy? are you all going CRAZY?

With all this talk about cutting Troy or forcing him to retire, why would anyone want that? This guy is in the top 5 steeler players of all time and is one of the most respected, un selfish amazing PERSON we will ever see in The Burgh. Troy is a class act off the field and will give you everything he has on the field. Answer this question: What other FS is aks to do what we ask him to do, like play LB, play CB, play DL, play FS Blitz the QBS, stop the run, NONE.... I SAID N-O-N-E, no other FS is ask to do all this on there team.

Troy is a guy who will never tell his coach he can't do it or he don't want to do it, maybe he is hurt, but I know he will still do what they want him to do. Troy plays injured, he plays at full speed on every play in everygame. Most of the so called steelernation diehards praise the hell out of James Harrison and act like he is all world for coming back this year and at the same time forget and bash what Troy has done for all of us.

TROY is and always will be the most humble soft spoken football player we will ever see on the NFL field, he will never point the finger or say it wasn't his guy that cought the TD, never in ANY trouble, just plays hard and loves to play for STEELER FANS.

Troy had an ok season with 61 tackles, No Picks, No Sacks and missed 5 games, BUT, get this.. he makes 3.5 million.... We have guys on this team that are over paid and take plays off like: Jason Worlds who made 10 million and has 7 sacks with 59 tackles on the season and I don't hear anyone bashing him. What about that garbage free agent pick up that plays SS MIKE MITCHELE 71 tackles, no picks and about 10 personal foul flags. Where is the bashing on him? Then there is JARVIS, C. ALLEN and M. ADAMS. I'll leave out I. TAYLOR because he has been injured and was a solid cover CB.

Troy is a guy that bleeds steeler blood and always respected US, THE FANS, there is NO WAY IN HELL I ever want this guy to walk away feeling that the FANS HE LOVES are now asking him to leave. I can only pray that he does not feel hurt with all this BASHING and disrespecting that MOST of the steelernation and MOST of the sports media is saying about him.

Yeah, I know a ton of you fans are going to say he can't cover, he can't tackle or he is to slow, WHAT I SAY TO THAT IS THIS: IF WE HAD ANY KIND OF PASS RUSH TROY WOULD BE WHAT WE ALL KNOW HE IS ALL OVER AGAIN. It's not who you have at CB, FS and SS It's how you pressure the other teams QB that makes them better.

If I pissed any of you off with this story GOOD! But, I do hope you'll all understand that TROY POLAMALU #43 IS ONE OF THE BEST TO EVER PUT ON THE BLACK AND GOLD... PERIOD! This guy can still play and still make tackles and still run and still pick it with anyone in this league.

Steelernation Diehards... MOST OF YOU HAVE LET ME DOWN WITH ALL THE BASHING OF #43. When He's Gone He's GONE. Don't push him out, Don't let him hear you saying he is DONE, because we will never see another TROY.... EVER! 

With that said, why is he still on the teams roster? Will we see Troy again in black n gold? He says he is retired, but something in my heart says there is way more to this story. The 2015 Steelers are weak at CB and Safty, I can say this to all of you right now, TROY WILL BE BACK!

I know that there are millions of STEELERNATION FANS that feel this same way I do, this is wrote for the millions of you that WANT THIS LEGEND GONE!

#43 TROY POLAMALU = Total Class Guy, The Best FS In Steeler History, Top 3 FS In NFL History, GAME CHANGER FOR LIFE.  Hey Troy, You Go Out WHEN YOU WANT TO GO OUT BRA!


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